Looking for things to do in Barcelona with kids? There are plenty! Barcelona is a great city to spend a few days with kids. Some months ago we already gave you some ideas (read Barcelona Tourism with kids)… today we offer you some more, but this time especially outdoor activities for nice sunny days like these!

  • A boat ride and a picnic at Ciutadella Park
    Ciutadella Park (very close to Twentytú) is a great place to spend a relaxing and fun day with kids in Barcelona. Walk (or run) around the park and its many shadows. There are two things you can’t miss: a picnic under a tree and rent a boat at the lake. Super fun!
  • Horta’s Maze
    Remember when Alice in Wonderland got lost in a giant grass maze? There’s a similar one in Barcelona! Horta’s Maze is a great place to get lost and have a good time with kids trying to find your way. Great!
  • A day trip to Montserrat Mountain
    Some call it the “magic Mountain” because of its espectacular shapes. You can get there by public transport (FGC from Espanya to Montserrat), and we especially recommend the Funicular, a cable car that literally flies over the mountain! There are also some great excursions to do there, even with little kids.
  • Barcelona from the sea on a Golondrina Boat
    What about a tour by Barcelona’s coast… by boat? Las Golondrinas are really popular boats in town that carry hundreds of people everyday to see the seaside. The company that manages them has been offering this kind of excursions for over 125 years, and nearly every Barcelona citizen has ridden one of them at least once. And, of course, which kid doesn’t love a boat trip?
  • One of the best theme parks in Europe: Port Aventura
    One of the biggest theme parks in Europe… just 1 hour away from Barcelona! At Port Aventura you will find the most thrilling roller coasters, but there are also smaller rides aimed for families and the youngest ones. Great for spending an amazing day!

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