Finally the summer sales are here! Certainly it’s the best time to pick up a few clothes and go to Barcelona. The city is a very popular tourist destination for shopping lovers. Do you want to know why?

Barcelona streets are filled with trendy fashion shops, and thousands of small ateliers and shops with bold looks. Because of these, and also the many outlet shops all over the city, Barcelona is currently a referent on clothes and complements sale.

What do you need to know about sales?

  • People go crazy. If you can, we recommend you avoid the rush hours when people end their jobs after 6pm. That way, you will avoid kilometer-long queues to pay or to go to dressing rooms.
  • Avoid going to the city center. Paseo de Gracia, Portal del Ángel or Ramblas are filled with the major commercial shops, so they are crowded. Discover hidden jewels on small alternative stores at Born or Gracia neighborhood. Customer attention is more personal, and so are their clothes and complements. You will feel unique!
  • If you buy anything on sale and then your regret it, take into account that usually you have from 15 days to one month to return it. Customers’ rights are not on sale!
  • The period of summer sale is from July 1st to August 31st. The big fashion chains offer big discounts at the beginning, and at mid-July they start with 2nd and 3rd sales. The prices are continuously dropping, but if you find something take it at the moment or it will fly away!
  • Try not to get into arguments…please. You’ll find yourself in front of tables full of clothes and items and you’ll feel like Indiana Jones looking for the hidden treasure. But it’s highly probable that someone next to you is looking for the exact same thing. This is not a movie: try not to get in silly arguments!

And if you don’t know where to go shopping in Barcelona, check our post Shopping in Barcelona and find out which the main shopping areas are. We hope you will find the bargains you are looking for on this summer sale.