Eating patatas bravas is nearly a religion for many in real Barcelona. That’s why you need to know the best places to eat bravas in Barcelona, the most genuine and popular places for Catalans, not for tourists.

With a pint of cold beer or soda, but also vermouth (Remember our post In real Barcelona we prefer vermouth!), patatas bravas are the perfect appetizer at any time. But, what is it exactly? Simple: fried thick potatoes with a spicy sauce. But not really spicy compared to some Japanese or Mexican delicatessen, of course.

Avoid those bars where the potatoes come from the freezer and the sauce is just ketchup mixed with mayonnaise: those are not real patatas bravas. Here’s a list of our favourite places to eat bravas in Barcelona:

  • Bar Tomás (Sarrià)
    This is supposed to be the best place to eat bravas in Barcelona, or at least so says the tradition. The only drawback is that it is a little bit far from the city centre, in Sarrià area. But the trip is only 15 minutes long (by FGC train, Sarrià stop) and it is absolutely worth it: the neighbourhood is cute and the bravas are amazing.
  • Moritz (City Centre)
    Moritz beer’s brewery is popular among tourists and locals to have a niche fresh beer but also to delight your senses with their delicious plates. Bravas are not an exception. You can go either to 300 del Born or to the original brewery
  • Bar Calders (Sant Antoni)
    Right next to Sant Antoni Market, within walking distance from Catalunya square, you’ll find some amazing tapas bars. Calders Bar is one of the best places to eat great plates in Barcelona as well as beautifully decorated and very popular.
  • La Principal (Sant Antoni)
    Excellent patatas bravas cooked with skin and at the oven, with a deliciously spicy but soft sauce. Amazing! And the bar is quite cool too, and close to Universitat square.
  • Mercat de la Princesa (Born)
    This is not exactly a bar, but a market with many small food stalls of all kinds (Japanese, vegetarian, Mexican, Tapas, seafood…). A good place to have dinner in a different environment. And you’ll find amazing bravas there as well!
  • Segons Mercat (Barceloneta)
    This bar is right next to the sea, in Barceloneta neighbourhood. You’ll find delicious patatas bravas there, and many other exquisite dishes and the best seafood. Also, it is within walking distance from Twentytú!

Do you know any other places to eat good bravas in Barcelona? Tell us!