Barcelona and photography have been linked for many years, but currently there is a boom of photographic exhibits at the city. If you like photography and you’re coming Barcelona soon don’t miss these exhibits starting with the World Press Photo.

World Press Photo

One of the most important international photo contests arrives to Barcelona until December 13th. The CCCB exhibits the 134 winning pictures and 7 winning multimedia works of this contest. Be prepared to see shocking, live, real and quite striking images.

Home obsession


This exhibition by the Belgian Magdalena Bors shows us scenes without glamour on two different series. ‘Homeland’ and ‘The seventh day’ are exposed at the exhibitions room of gas Natural Fenosa until Febrary 12th of 2016. You’ll see a collection of daily images from a different point of view and where the colors have a great prominence.

Ona Ola Wave


This is a photographic exhibition for surf lovers. The exhibition introduces the audience to the world of surfing since its inception in 1777 until today. You can see photographs of landmarks, videos and even a collection of the oldest surf boards manufactured in Spain. If you want, you can go to the Maritime Museum to see this exhibit, you have time until January 17th.