In summer several spaces of Barcelona are transformed in Summer outdoor Cinemas, outdoor places where over two months will happen dozens of love stories, horror, musical or action adventures. Parks, castles, beaches… any place is good to enjoy the magic of cinema but we bring you only the best.

Sala Montjuiïc-Open-air film festival Barcelona

See a film in a pit of a former military fortress of the seventeenth century is possible since it opened in 2002 everyone as known as “Cinema a la Fresca”. But it’s not only a good place to watch movies under the stars but also projected shorts film, they offer an ecopicnic so you can dine and live music while the public expects the movie to start. There is a free bus leaves from España square and that leaves you just 100 meters from the Montjuïc’s castle. The  tickets  worth 6 euros and usually end quickly, so try to buy them in advance.

Sala Montjuic- Hostel Twentytu

Poble Espanyol: short film and music

If when you go to the cinema you never know which film see, on Mecal Air, ​​summer cinema in Poble Espanyol, they offer a bit of everything; horror, humor, entertainment, love … every Friday or Saturday session dedicated to a different genre films. For 3.5 with flyer.

In addition, the guys at Sing-along  also come to this architectural museum with his show. A mixture of film and karaoke with actors who will guide the dance for the most forgetful. Titles as Dirty Dancing, Grease or Moulin Rouge in the main square for 12 euros.

Beach cinema twentytu

Free cinema on the beach

What better place to enjoy a movie that the beaches of our city. On the beach of Sant Sebastià (Barceloneta) you don’t only see movies but have live music and a short film before the film starts. Not for lovers of the most commercial cinema made in America, because  they always project cinema d’auteur or independent films.

In addition, this year the cinema has the novelty that is also transferred to other nearby cities to Barcelona, ​​specifically, El Prat, Badalona and Mataró.

Gandules cinema Twentytu hostel

Gandules: 7 Deadly Sins

Although we have to wait until August, Gandules 2016 is presented as one of the most alternative cinema festivals this summer in Barcelona. Gandules means hammocks in Catalan and is where you will see the movies if you arrive with enough time because the entrance is free and limited capacity. The 7 deadly sins are the protagonists of this cycle run by the Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona (CCCB).