It is finally Summer! Want to know things to do in Barcelona during the hot season? Well, here’s number one: go to the beach!

If you are new in town, you probably wonder which the best beaches to visit are. Today we tell you all about the seaside in Barcelona and nearby: some beaches are quite famous and touristic, but we offer you some hidden treasures too. So here are the best beaches in Barcelona and other things to do: pay attention!

El Prat beach

Right next to Barcelona airport, El Prat beach is a very special place because it is located in a protected natural area, with many bird species and marshlands, and also because you will see how planes take off and land from a privileged point of view. It is a calm beach with cheap drinks stalls. Thus it is not a touristic beach, so you can enjoy the beach as a local. One useful tip: avoid it if the weather is windy, as it will be even more windy there!

How to get there: go to Estació de França train station and get on R2 train. Stop at El Prat. From there, you can walk (it is a considerable distance), cycle (we suggest that – remember we offer bikes for rent) or take a city bus.

Badalona’s beach

Badalona’s El Pont del Petroli beach is also located in a very singular spot, right next to what used to be an industrialised area. Now it has been recovered and cleaned up so you can enjoy many things to do very close to Barcelona. It is also a calm beach, and not very touristic.

How to get there: go to Arc de Triomf train station and jump in an R1 train. Get off at Badalona train station. You can also cycle from Tentytú. It is a very pleasant ride, though a little bit long.

Barceloneta or Bogatell beach

This is your place if you are looking for something more cheerful, touristic and within walking distance from Twentytú, this is your place. They are not the most beautiful in the country, to be honest, but they are inside the city, and there are plenty of bars and restaurants, and also a very animated nightlife. So if you are looking for activity and a lot of things to do in Barcelona seaside, Bogatell and Barceloneta will suit you.

How to get there: you can cycle or walk from Twentytú. If you are too tired for that, get L4 metro and get off at Barceloneta or Bogatell stops.

Garraf’s Casetes beach

It is an unknown beach for most visitors, and also for many Barcelona locals. But it is really gorgeous and calm. With typical white beach huts right on the sand, it is a place to remember the antique fishermen and the old times.

How to get there: jump in a R2 train from Estació de França station and get off at Garraf. You will have to walk a little bit, but it is worth it!

Sant Pol de Mar

Sant Pol de Mar is one of the most beautiful beach towns in Maresme, an area right on the North of Barcelona. It is approximately 1 hour away by train from the city, but it is a great place to spend a different day by the sea. Also, the train journey is quite beautiful, as railways are right next to the sea.

How to get there: pick an R1 train from Arc de Triomf station and get off at Sant Pol de Mar.


Sitges is another awesome town to spend a beach day, and it is approximately 45 minutes away from the city centre. It is a traditional seaside village, with white houses, narrow streets and a gorgeous church by the sea. It is also the favourite place for gay community in Barcelona. Its beaches are amazing!

How to get there: get on an R2 train from Estació de França station until Sitges.

You can check out Barcelona’s trains map here. Remember we also offer a bike rental service in case you want to move around in the most sustainable way. And, of course, if you need any help at any time, Twentytú’s staff will be delighted to offer a hand!

So now you know where to go and best things to do in Barcelona beaches.