Hey: don’t be regular tourists! As you know, in this blog category we tell you all about the Real Barcelona and how to avoid being a regular tourist and starting behaving as a real Barcelona local! Today we give you some ideas to get the best souvenirs made in Barcelona. So, forget about Mexican hats, fiesta or flamenco and go real!

Cool bookshops in Barcelona

Some of the coolest libraries in Barcelona also sell beautiful books and other souvenurs from Barcelona. Although it might be a little more expensive than in a regular souvenir shop, we guarantee anything you get there will be much more beautiful! Some of them are Laie, La Central or FNAC Barcelona.

If you are looking for something different, The ‘Nerd’ Triangle is your place. As you might know, it is the biggest shopping area dedicated to comic books, ‘manga’ and all sorts of things that nerds will adore.

Beautiful souvenirs shops in Barcelona

In the city centre, among bars and regular gift shops, you will find some shops that are truly an oasis. All sorts of souvenirs from Barcelona but made with love, and many of them made in Barcelona.

A few examples? Art Montfalcon, Itaca, Nuovum or Wawas offer gorgeous gifts to take back home. If you are planning on visiting some museums too, have a quick look at the museum’s shop. Here’s a list of some of the museums we like.

Food & Drinks

What is the typical food in Barcelona? Besides paella and sangría (remember: In real Barcelona we prefer vermouth!), here’s a list of some other products you will really enjoy:

  • Catalan cookies: Birba or Trias brands offer beautiful packaging and delicious cookies. Perfect for gifts, and they are produced in Catalunya!
  • Cava: similar to champagne, cava is the typical sparkling wine that is only produced in Catalunya. You can’t leave without tasting some. And, by the way, we also have some wonderful wines and vermouths. Take a chance!
  • Pork products: fuet, chorizo or jamón are only some of the parts of pork that can be pretty tasteful.

Fashion made in Barcelona

If you walk around Barcelona, you will notice that it is quite a fashionable city. We have great designers and local shops that offer great clothes, shoes and accessories. Where to find them? Just go to El Born (Metro L4 Jaume I) or Gràcia (Metro L3 Fontana) neighbourhoods and enjoy window shopping!

Some recommendations: La Manual Alpargatera (Catalan shoes), OMG Barcelona (they offer many products made by Barcelona designers), Bon Vent (cute Mediterranean fashion), Pinza’t (bags with recycled materials) and many more!

Or maybe you prefer cheaper products and bargains… Then you’ll find your place at second hand and flea markets in Barcelona, as we told you a while ago.

Barcelona souvenirs we don’t like

In touristic areas such as Las Ramblas, you will see hundreds of souvenir shops everywhere. Though you may find beautiful or interesting things there, you will also see some Barcelona souvenirs that local people don’t really approve:

  • Mexican hats: we have nothing against Mexico, but we never wear those, and nor did our ancestors. Then, why is it sold as something typical from Barcelona? It isn’t!
  • Flamenco things such as clothes, statues, magnets and whatever: flamenco is beautiful and many Catalans love it, but it is not from Barcelona neither. It comes from the south of Spain, where there’s a long tradition.
  • T-shirts with fiesta, siesta or paella words on them: you know, we are much much more than just that!

You see there are plenty of beautiful and authentic souvenirs in Barcelona! Go for them!