Today we become your private guide to show you the secret spots of Barcelona, ​​those that are far from the tourist itineraries but are worth visiting to know the true essence of our city. How well can you keep a secret?

Hidden terraces

If you walk on the streets of Barcelona you’ll find bars, cafés and restaurants everywhere. However, they are not always visible at first sight and many places hide inside them beautiful oasis full of vegetation where to escape the stressful lifestyle of the city. Ideally, the chance will lead you to them, but just in case, we give you some names to start the tour; The Café de l’Estiu in the Gothic, the eco-shop Olotuki in Gràcia, the solidary bar Mescladís or the terrace that is hidden inside the bohemian Antic Teatre.


Temple of Augustus

The Sagrada Familia, the Cathedral, the Parc Güell … you can discover many of Barcelona jewels just following the crowd. But today we are talking about one that, instead, is hidden between the medieval streets of the Gothic. At number 10 on Paradís Street there is a small courtyard where you will find four imposing Roman columns built at the end of the first century in honor of the Emperor Augustus. The Temple of August is one of the few Roman constructions that remain in good condition in Barcelona, ​​since many others were demolished to use their stones in other buildings when the city began to grow.

Templo Augusto lugares secretos Barcelona

Towns transformed into neighborhoods

Barcelona is not a particularly large city – London occupies up to 15 times more -, however, it has been growing thanks to the annexation of different towns that are now neighbourhoods of the city. We encourage you to visit them and discover that many of them still maintain a certain rural atmosphere, as well as traditions and festivals typical of the villages. Choose where; Sant Martí, Sants, Les Corts, Sarrià … There you will find squares anchored in time, neighborhood markets, streets with low houses … Remember not all the charm of Barcelona is  in the centre!

La Contrasenya: Password required to eat

A few minutes away from Twentytú you’ll find ‘La Contrasenya’, a clandestine bar that serves Mediterranean food with correct prices and a very close service. For sure, it’s not only a restaurant, but also an art gallery, as well as a place to learn how to cook thanks to workshops that are organized every week. If you want to taste their specialties, you will have to send an email to their owner Angela and she will reply with the instructions to reach this mysterious and picturesque place. We can’t say anything else, it’s top secret!

The Statue of Liberty in Barcelona

Although Barcelona already has the statue of Columbus to welcome the newcomers by sea, it also has its own Statue of Liberty. If you walk in Passeig Sant Joan you shouldn’t miss a small modernist library called Biblioteca Arús, the first public of the city and opened in 1895, which keeps at its main entrance a two metre replica of the New York symbol.

War history outside museums

Barcelona is also full of history, and not all of it lays at museums. If you want to know more about the civil war the city underwent 80 years ago you can visit the 307 shelter, one of more than a thousand antiaircraft shelters that were built in the city to protect the civil population.

Another of the most impressive examples of the war is in the city centre, specifically in Felip Neri Square, where you can clearly see the shrapnel marks of a bomb launched by the nationalists on Barcelona in 1938.

Refugios lugares ocultos Barcelona

These are just some of Barcelona secret spots, ​​ we will let you discover the rest for yourself. Do you dare to tell us yours?