What is the Nerd Triangle? If you are crazy about comics, videogames, manga, science fiction and fantasy, whether in novels or films, you will like this: there is in Barcelona a triangle like the one in Bermuda but for geeks and “nerds”. That is a couple of streets where you will find the best shops in Barcelona… and there is no easy way out from there!

What will you find there?

The “Nerd” Triangle is unique in Europe: at no other European citiy will you find such a cluster of specialised shops as in Barcelona. There are two main stores that you can’t miss:

Gigamesh: it has two specialised shops in the Nerd Triangle, one for books and another one for games. It is well-known for being the editor of Game of Thrones in Spanish.

Norma Comics: it is Norma Books’ shop, which is the one that publishes all comics based on Nintendo characters, among others. It has been open for more than 3 decades in the same area, though it has grown throughout these years.


But there are other shops, less famous and some of them smaller, where you can buy all kinds of desired articles. Kaburi, Freaks, Ninja, InGenio… If you walk around the zone, you will find books, T-shirts, cards and videogames and even costume play products.

And some of them have a bar and areas where you can relax, read or try the games. Welcome to the “nerd” Mecca in Barcelona!

Where is it?

Most of the shops spread between Sant Joan Street and Ali Bei Street, two steps away from Arc de Triomf (Metro L1 and train). And within walking distance from Twentytú!