Only a few days left for Mobile World Congress 2014, the biggest tech event of the year that takes place in Barcelona. Today we present some of the new features and curiosities of MWC 14 that have caught our eye.

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So, here’s a list of some of the new features presented in MWC this year that are most related to Twentytú’s values: eco, hi-tech, smart, urban:

ECO: zero carbon footprint

MWC organization wants the congress to have a minor impact on environment. That’s why they have implemented a plan to reduce the congress’ carbon footprint, among other measures.

But there are other eco-friendly initiatives that look interesting too, such as Green Solution company. They will install ecochargers in MWC: an advertising stand that also charges devices with solar energy.

HI-TECH: wearable technology
As we often hear lately, we are entering the wearable technology era, lead by the famous Google Glass. This year MWC has launched an initiative so that attendees can experiment this new trend at first hand: the Fitbit Challenge.

What is it about? Get a Fitbit Flex, a wristband which measures both physical activity and sleeping cycles, and wear it all throughout MWC. The winners will be those two participants who walk the longest distance during the Congress.

URBAN: Connected City

This year, as last year, there will be an exhibition about the Connected City, to prove how mobile technology can make living easier in smart cities. Mobility, shopping, education, environment… everything is simpler thanks to mobile tech.

INNOVATIVE: 4 Years From Now

This year start-ups and entrepreneurs have an important role in MWC. Barcelona Mobile World Capital organizes 4 Years From Now (4YFN), 3 days of conferences, meetings and workshops with entrepreneurs and businesspeople from all over the world.

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