Tradition, fun and many calçots. This is what you will find in several calçotades that are organized throughout Catalonia. A popular party that is mixed with many other hobbies like music, sport or nature. Do you want to discover wich is your calçotada? Here are 7 calçotades to satisfy the greediest stomachs!

Calçotada is a catalan tradition where calçots (a slim onion) are grilled over a fire, wrapped up in newspaper and eaten by dipping them in a delicious sauce. Groups of friends and family gather around tables in the countryside wearing paper bibs and gloves to avoid getting dirty.

Although the most traditional calçotada is celebrated in the town of Valls, where the celebration gathers more than 60,000 people every year – the town has only 25,000 inhabitants- Barcelona is also a good place to get to know first-hand this great gastronomic festival.

Valls calçotada was celebrated on January 28 th and 29 th, but there are still many opportunities to enjoy this slim onion that is accompanied with a sauce based on romesco, nuts, bread and vegetables. Don’t know where? Put on  a bib, gloves and take  note of our proposals:

Calçots near Twentytú

Very close to Twentytú hostel also they prepare a popular calçotada, concretely in the square Font i Sagué where you will be able to know closely the people of Clot neighbourhood. This calçot party is still being organised but if it is like the ones from previous years it will be a success!

Gràcia, the neighbourhood of festivities

Without forgetting the greater Gràcia festivities,the neighbours of the district are always planning new activities to enjoy its streets. This Sunday the commission of Ciudad Real street organises a calçotada popular in the Ateneu Roig cultural center which, in addition to calçots, includes another traditional Catalan  food: botifarra with beans. You can buy early tickets for 15 euros in Ateneu, or the same day, for 17 euros.

Skating and calçots near the beach

Calçots Castelldefels Twentytu Hostel BarcelonaFuente: Flickr

And if you’re a sport lover, this plan is perfect for you: a 35km route from Barcelona to a  calçotada en Castelldefels Castelldefels and all on wheels! The route starts at the shopping center «El centre de la Vila» and ends at Can Pere Martí restaurant with a menu of calçots, botifarra and grilled potatoes. Don’t worry if you eat too much, the return to Barcelona is going to be by train.

Calçots at the foot of the Sagrada Familia

Very close to the Sagrada Familia temple you can also eat calçots. In this case the calçotada popular is organized by the youth organization of the district, Arran Sagrada Família, which is always searching for alternatives to the problems that arise every day to the most disadvantaged groups. If you want to know more details you have to be very attentive to their Facebook event.

Grilled swing

And if you want to burn everything that you have eaten during the calçotada nothing better than dancing! On March 4 th and 5 th ‘Spank the baby’ swing school organises a  calçotada with a lot of rhythm. Two days along wich, in addition to eating calçots, you can learn to dance, attend concerts and participate in a lot of activities.

Neighbouring calçotada in Sants

The festival committee of Alcolea de Dalt-Sants organizes many events throughout the year; Sardanas, paellas, dances, parties … and of course, calçotades! The  next is on March 5th and is going to be celebrated in Alcolea street, taking advantage of the arrival of the good weather

The untraditional calçotada of Valls

And if you want to travel to the true origin of calçots, you are still in time to go to Valls, but in this case it’s a modern and untraditionald calçotada that is organized by the B-Free Group event company on March 19th. A different celebration that offers music, vermouth, tasty food and very good vibes.