That special time of the year is almost here: Sant Jordi (23rd April), with its books and roses and many things to do in Barcelona! We told you about Sant Jordi tradition in this blog last year. Remember: give your beloved one a book and/or a rose to show your feelings and then go for a walk in the city center.

But where to find the best books and roses in town? This post is about books and roses and other literary and romantic things to do in Barcelona.

Beautiful bookshops
One of the best things to do in Barcelona is spend a Sant Jordi’s Day in town. The city center is crowded with people and book stalls. You will also see hundreds of well-known writers (and even a few international authors) signing books for their readers.

But if you prefer the quietness of a bookshop any time of the year, you will certainly love El Cafè de La Central in Mallorca Street. A beautiful bookshop with a coffee area to eat or have a drink with a nice book. Another beautiful bookshop café is Laie, near Urquinaona metro station.

If you are travelling with kids, Abracadabra is your place. A nice selection of books that kids will adore, and quite close to Twentytú. And if you are into Manga, Fantasy or Science Fiction, you can’t miss The Nerd Triangle we told you about in this blog some months ago.

Roses and flowers
Sant Jordi’s Day is also about roses: give one to that special person. But where to find roses? During Sant Jordi, the whole city centre will be full of rose stalls where you can get one for 3 to 5 euros only.

If it is not Sant Jordi’s Day but you want to buy flowers anyway, Las Ramblas is the place to be. Flower stalls in this famous avenue have existed for over 150 years now. You can buy all sorts of plants, flowers and seeds in the most emblematic street in Barcelona!

Want to see roses growing ‘wild’ in Spring? Go to Cervantes Park, with over 10.000 rose bushes. A really beautiful park, perfect for romantic picnics or quiet afternoon strolls. It’s far from the city centre, but totally worth it if you are looking for relaxing things to do in Barcelona!

And for the girls and women staying in Twentytú, a surprise: we will give you a very special rose! This year we are supporting the Sant Jordi campaign by Fundació IReS A rose for a cause. They are selling roses to raise funds for families and people at risk of exclusion, and Twentytú is going to collaborate. Solidarity and tradition all together!

During Sant Jordi’s Day, enjoy books, roses and many other things to do in Barcelona!