If you are visiting Barcelona and you want to take your own city postcard, write down these Barcelona viewpoints and do not forget your camera!

One of the best things about Barcelona is that you can get a panoramic view from many different lookout points, which are easy to reach and give you an impressive perspective of the city. Decide the time of the day you will be going and pick up one of these viewpoints.

Montjuïc Castle

It is one of the most popular lookout points all over the city, and the views it offers have a clear star: the sea. You can see the city from inside the castle (although entrance is not free) or around it. Try to go there at noon, right before sunset. That way you’ll get an amazing souvenir with different pictures of Barcelona.


Barcelona’s highest point is located on Tibidabo mountain. Its amusement park is doubtlessly the best choice if you are coming with kids. If you fancy gazing at the city in a quieter way, go to Mirablau restaurant and enjoy its wonderful views with the city right below.

Rovira hill bunker

Located in Carmel neighbourhood, this viewpoint has become recently a must if you want to enjoy the views and at the same time learn about the city’s history. From this lookout point you will enjoy a 360º sight of Barcelona. It is free and you can go there any time, day or night.

Some other spots with amazing views of the city are: Park Güell, about which we talked about on this post, Arenas shopping Centre at Espanya Square or the top floor of El Corte Inglés shopping Centre at Catalunya Square.

Soon the famous Agbar tower, which is very close to Twentytú, will open its top floor for tourists and citizens who want to contemplate a unique view of Barcelona. But we will have to wait a little.