Picture this: you are in real Barcelona (away from tourists), it’s 12.30 pm on a Sunday and it’s getting hot. What’s the plan? Well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when in Barcelona, have a vermouth. And, please, forget once and for all about sangría: that’s only for tourists!

The word vermouth comes from Wermut (‘wormwood’ in German) and it refers to an aromatised wine first commercialised in Italy during the 18th century (source: Wikipedia). In Barcelona, it is usually consumed before lunch on holidays or weekends along with a tapa of seafood, olives, chips or any other bite.

Vermouth has been a tradition in real Barcelona for a long time, long before tourists and hipsters invaded the city. People used to buy vermouth in bulk at traditional wineries and drink it before lunch on special occasions.

Over the last two or three years, however, vermouth has become really trendy. That’s why this is a growingly common scene to see in any winery or bar: an old couple having their vermouth as they’ve been doing every Sunday for decades and on the next table a group of trendy youngsters posting pics of their aperitif on Instagram. This is real Barcelona!

Don’t like vermouth? Not a problem. If somebody tells you: “Let’s have a vermouth”, they probably don’t mean actual vermouth. This phrase includes beer, wine, soda, juice or any other drink with an aperitif, but always before lunch! Here’s a list of nice places where to have a good vermouth in real Barcelona.

  • Bar Electricitat (Barceloneta): a traditional bar near the beach.
  • Bodega L’Avi Manel (Tetuan): an old-style winery within walking distance from Twentytú.
  • El Xampanyet (Born): famous for their glass of cava accompanied with an anchovies tapa.
  • Casa Mariol (Sagrada Família): another traditional winery just 2 minutes away from Gaudí’s masterpiece.
  • La Vermuteria del Tano (Gràcia): tradition and trendiness in Gràcia district.
  • Morro Fi (Urgell): a new chain specialised in vermouth, with their own brand of products.
  • La Bodegueta de Cal Pep (Plaça de Sants): an old winery hidden in a non-touristic area. Only for adventure lovers!

Now it’s your turn: have a vermouth in real Barcelona and tell us about your experience!