By the end of February Barcelona will gather the best experts and the most innovative companies on mobile technology during the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the most important mobile event of the year.

That’s OK, but what we want to tell you today is that… during MWC Barcelona is still Barcelona! If you intend to come to MWC, here are some suggestions so that you can make the most of your free time in the city.

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Beer and pinchos at Blai street
Poble Sec district and especially Blai Street are a hot spot in Barcelona to have lunch or dinner in an informal way. In just one street you will find bars that offer delicious pinchos at very afforable prices.

Advice: the ideal plan at Blai Street is to eat pinchos while enjoying a well poured beer, a glass of wine or even vermouth.

Restaurants at Enric Granados street
Enric Granados street, in Eixample district between Universitat and Diagonal, is your place if you are up for a nice dinner at a nice restaurant without spending too much money. Crêpes, design burgers, ethnic or vegetarian restaurants, pizza… Plenty of choice in just a fer meters!

Advice: before picking a restaurant, walk around the area and look into every option. There are plenty!

Chocolate with churros at Petritxol street
Petritxol street is a small alley that every good Barcelona citizen knows, but sometimes it goes unnoticed for tourists. It is right in the city centre and it is very narrow, althought pretty long as well.

You will find some curious shops, a well-known art gallery (Sala Parés) and a couple of places where you can taste the best chocolate with churros.

Advice: don’t be afraid of queues! There usually are people waiting in line to have a hot chocolate with churros, and it is worth the wait.

Go online…
If you want to be online even during your free time, Barcelona has one of the most extense free wifi networks in the world. Up to 443 wifi “stations” where you can surf the Internet from your smartphone, computer or tablet without limits and without paying a cent.

Learn more about it: Barcelona Wifi.

…and offline
After so much mobile technology, you will probably need a moment to go offline. An ideal place for that is Ciutadella Park, one of the most popular in town. A green area right in the city centre, next to Arc de Triomf and, more importantly, close to Twentytú!

But there’s no doubt that the best place to take a deep breath and relax is even closer:  our chill out-terrace!