Who says kids can’t enjoy going to the museum? In Barcelona there are a lot of museums where families with kids can have a great time. Whether you like art, science or chocolate, Barcelona is your place for tourism with kids! Go and inspire your little brilliant minds at Barcelona museums. Here’s a list from where to start:

  • Chocolate Museum
    If you like chocolate, this is definitely your place! You can get to know the whole history of chocolate, its medical and artistic uses and much more. And, of course, there are plenty of workshops for all ages where to get your hands dirty!
  • Wax Museum
    You have to be a little bit brave to get into this museum… You will find a lot of famous characters of all fields, and there are also some scary figures. Do you dare? And the location is just perfect, right in the middle of Barcelona’s most touristic street: Ramblas.
  • MIBA (Inventions Museum)
    Have you ever wished to invent a great thing that would change the world? MIBA is your place! You will learn about history of inventions and ideas and you will also see some great inventions that haven’t come to light… yet. A mug with a biscuit pocket, a seat for inserting suppositories (really) or a mop with a microphone are some of the gadgets you will discover!
  • Picasso Museum
    Pablo Picasso was one of the greatest artists of all times, and he spent most of his youth in Barcelona. The shapes of his pictures and their colours suggest plenty of things. How to represent someone’s personality through a portrait? How to explain a landscape without copying it?
  • CosmoCaixa (Science Museum)
    If your kids want to be like Einstein or if they are just curious, in CosmoCaixa they will have a great time. They will be able to ‘touch’ and experiment with science or take part in some of the many workshops that are held in the museum. Really interesting and fun.

You can enjoy tourism in Barcelona with kids through the city’s museums!