When offices close and it’s the time to go home, in Barcelona there is always a better alternative to relax and recharge batteries: the afterworks. Locals where to connect with coworkers, new friends or people from different countries when you seek to escape the routine, schedules and boredom. Do you want to sign up for this afterwork fashion? We give you the best selection!


As if it were a Social Club of the 50’s, Collage is a place full of elegance and good manners. Their barman prepare cocktails – in the menu you have the history of each one of them – that are adapted to the seasonal products and to the new trends from all over the world. The best? Watch as their waiters prepare the cocktails as if they had a secret powder; Flowers, vegetables, fruits and even fire!

Metric Market

From 7pmthe Metrik Market goes from being a daytime food market to a gastrobar and musical night club for all those who want to enjoy the Barcelona brand; cobblestones like those of the Eixample’s tiles or an old boat of the theme park of Montjuic. They Often organize snacks, live performances or art exhibitions, so don’t forget to check their schedule.

Hyde Club

If you want to travel to New York without leaving Barcelona, you can’t miss the afterwork at the Hyde Club. Every Thursday from 8.30pm they host a party that welcomes the weekend and is enlivened with concerts or sessions of international DJs. To eat you have free appetizers based on sushi, pasta, pizza or risotto. Don’t forget to book in its website!

Kaizen afterwork

And if you’re looking for a more relaxed afterwork and very close to Twentytú, Kaizen afterwork is the place. Good atmosphere, elaborate cocktails and soft music to enjoy a good conversation between friends. Our recommended cocktail: the sexy kaizen!

Sor Rita

The kitsch place par excellence in Barcelona also offers a very complete afterwork, in this case it takes place the second day of the week under the name «Everything taste my Tuesday» from 8.30pm and until all you can eat! For 6 euros you have a glass of wine or beer and a pecking of montaditos, salads, hummus or sausages, to the rhythm of the best 70s and 80s music.

Mutis Bar

And although it’s not within reach of all pockets, we recommend one of the most special afterworks: Mutis, a clandestine bar that has had distinguished clients such as Woody Allen, Robert De Niro or Rusell Crowe. A floor of unknown location that awaits you with a faint light, elaborate dishes and a very select customers.
We will deny to have said a word about this, but to get a reservation you can call or drop by Bar Mut and ask how to get a table in this private club. Don’t give us away!

And don’t forget that the Twentytú terrace can also be your sanctuary after a hard day. Precisely tomorrow we celebrate the Open Night there with concerts, DJ, fideuà showcooking and even special cocktails! If you want to know all the events that we organize just check our social media 🙂