Sustainable tourism begins with using responsible means of transport, such as our favourite: the bike! Today we tell you the basic things you need to know to go cycling around Barcelona, as well as some interesting routes you will love.

Basic advice for cycling in Barcelona

  • – There are bike lanes all over the city. Use them as far as you can, and try to avoid routes where there are no special lanes for bicycles. The city Council has mapped all the bike lanes in a map. If that’s not possible, just respect circulation rules and use your common sense!
  • – If you go cycling around Barcelona’s city centre, be patient with pedestrian and do not rush, just enjoy the views. In this area, most streets are really narrow and crowded, so it is highly important to respect everyone.
  • – Helmet is not compulsory when you cycle inside the city, but it is recommended. Also, if you ride at night, remember to use lights and to be even more careful.
  • – If you need to use public transport, take into account that during rush hours (around 9 am and around 5pm) you can’t carry your bike by metro or train. And also, check out our post on sustainable tourism and green mobility in Barcelona.

Cool cycling routes around Barcelona

We’ve chosen three routes that represent what Barcelona is about: city, beach and mountain. All in one… and by bike!

  • Barcelona seaside
    From Colom monument to Fòrum there’s a great bike lane. You’ll see the harbour and some beaches. Just take it easy and enjoy! This route is especially cool in a bright sunny day.
    Level: super easy and fun.
  • Best views from the top of Barcelona
    You can’t leave this city without having enjoyed a panoramic view from Collserola Mountain. There’s an area there, Carretera de les Aigües (Waters road), which is always full of cyclists and runners. A natural area where to make some sport as well as taking the best pictures of Barcelona.
    Level: medium. 2-3 hours with some pronounced slopes but mostly smooth
  • The city centre by bike
    It is becoming more common to see groups of tourists riding around the narrow streets of Gòtic and Born. Why not be one of them? It’s a different (and faster) way to see the whole old town. But do not forget to take it easy and stop frequently: it is worth it!
    Level: easy, but be careful with pedestrians in narrow and crowded streets.

Where can you rent a bike?
Well, guess where. AT TWENTYTÚ! We offer bikes for rental for 10€/day. Simple and great, isn’t it? Ask at our reception!

See? Cycling is the best way to discover Barcelona and practice sustainable tourism. Get a bike and enjoy Barcelona!