Two weeks ago, the 15th April started in Seville one of the most expected events of the Andalusian capital (and of the rest of the country!): the Seville Fair.

But if you’re in Barcelona this year, don’t worry! From the 25th April until the 6th May, the 47th edition of the April Fair of Catalunya will take place in Barcelona. An indispensable date, where the “rebujitos”, the “pescaíto” and sevillanas will be the protagonists of the journey. You can’t miss it!


The origins of the Seville Fair

Is believed that in the middle of the XIX, two business men who were living in Seville (one from Catalunya and the other from the Basque Country) proposed the city government to celebrate a stockbreeding and agricultural fair.

The project was approved, and the success of the fair grew more and more every year. With the time, the fair lost its commercial character and became an open celebration, accessible for everyone. If fact, due to its popularity among the Sevillian people, the concept fair arrived to rest of the Spanish cities, starting in Barcelona where at the end of the 70’s some associations of Andalusian migrants started to celebrate their own version of the fair in Castelldefels, Barberà del Vallès or Santa Coloma de Gramanet.

The flamenco dress: the perfect outfit for the fair

If you liked what you’ve read and you want to live the April Fair experience, wait because there’s something more: you can rent a flamenco dress or suit, the typical outfits for this event. It won’t be difficult for you to find a place in Barcelona where you can choose the perfect flamenco outfit.

You should know Seville is known for its elegance in fashion. Style and trends in fashion are visible in every corner of the fair.


The cut of a flamenco dress (for women) can be long or short, and usually are made of fabrics in bright colors, decorated with prints or polka dots and frills. This traditional dress was “born” during the beginning of the event, when women went to the fair dressed up in working robes, decorated with frills. Time passed, and this kind of dress became the favorite option for the high-class ladies. Since that moment, the flamenco dress has changed adapting itself to the fashion trends of each age. This is a fact that never has happened to other traditional costumes!

The flamenco suit (for men) is known as “traje de corto” and consists of a shirt, a jacket, trousers, a vest and some accessories. If you wear this suit during the day, you can choose between bright or dark colors, but usually at night men are dressed up in dark colors and with “cordobés” hats, printed shocks, tie and a kerchief or a flower in the lapel.

What will you find at the Barcelona April Fair: booths, attractions and food

The Barcelona April Fair of Barcelona starts with a lighting show, as they do in Seville. This spectacle is the start point for 10 days of party full of tasty food, lively booths and funny attractions.

The fair is settle in an area of 87.000 m2, divided in two areas:

  • The attractions area, known as the “Hell street”. Among its 29.000 m2 you’ll find more than a hundred attractions for all ages.
  • The booths area, with more than a hundred booths and bars located among its 58.000 m2. These boots are a sort of tents where you can dance sevillanas (the traditional Andalusian dance), try the “pescaíto” and, of course, drink some “rebujitos”, a must if you are in the fair. This drink is made with wine “fino” or “de manzanilla” (both white wines) and soda.

Besides you will feel like if you were in Andalucía if you assist the flamenco gala (a contest organized by the Andalusian radio channel Radiolé, where the booths compete to be the best decorated of the fair) or any of the fashion shows celebrated during the fair.

How to get to the Seville Fair in public transport

Undoubtedly, public transport is the best way to get to the April Fair of Barcelona, specially during the weekend as they double the service. Which transport can you take?

  • Metro: the closest stop is Maresme/ Fòrum. You can take the yellow line, which passes very near to Twentytú (in Bogatell stop). Besides, the 28th April and 5th May these lines will we working 24h.
  • Tram line 4 will take you directly to the April Fair of Barcelona. The stop is Fòrum.
  • Bus: If you prefer bus, line H16 (Pg. Zona Franca/Fòrum) AND LINE 7 7 (Fòrum/Zona Universitària), are the best options

Other interesting data

Environment: Like in past years, only re-usable glasses and plates will be used. You can rent them or kept as a souvenir.

Where: Fòrum Park

How much: Free entrance

Hours (April):

Friday 27 th: from 18.00 h to 03:30 h.

Saturday 28 th: from 10.00 h to 03:30 h

Sunday 29 th: from de 10:00 to 00:00 h.

Monday 30th: from 10 to 03:30 h.

Hours (May)

Tuesday 1st: from 10:00 to 00:00 h.

Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd: from 10:00 to 00:00 h.

Friday 4th and Saturday 5th: from 10:00 to 03:30 h.

Sunday 6th: 10:00 to 23:00 h.

More info at: FECAC (Federation of Andalusian Cultural Entities in Catalunya).

And if you wanna know more about Spanish traditions, visiting Poble Espanyol is a great opportunity, an outdoor architectonic museum where you can discover the most iconic squares, streets and constructions of Spain. Besides, every week (specially in summertime) the museum hosts different events like conciert, expositions and other activities.