Ever since we opened our hostel 5 years ago, in Twentytú we’ve always had two main objectives: offering nice and cozy rooms and contributing to the environment care with sustainable actions. How do we achieve this second purpose?  Discover with us what makes Twentytú be one of the greenest hostels in the world!

Illumination? Yes, but only when it’s needed

In our eco hostel in Barcelona we try to make the most of the natural light but, when this is not possible, we use illumination in the most sustainable way. Each of our floors has presence detectors and even timers in those spaces where lights stop working during night. Besides, we only use LED bulbs, as these are the ones which consume less energy.


We recommend you do this also at home. You will be helping our planet and saving money at the same time!

Warm and reused water without energy

The climatization of water in our hostel is possible thanks to the urban red Districlima, a system which provides energy to more than 100 buildings in Barcelona like hotels, schools or offices. What we get with this system is heating up big amounts of water in one time by using an incinerating plant which distributes it. With this, we save the energy used in each building for water heating, replacing it for this centralized process.

This is the water we use, for example, for heating and showers. Besides, water is reused for toilet tanks, and we have taps with timers. Remember water is a lacking resource, so save water when possible and don’t waste it. In our hostel we save water every 17 seconds. And you?

Everything ready for the check in and for the check out

In Twentytú our facilities are totally automatic. This means that after your check in, the lights of your rooms will turn on. Same will happen after your check out: everything will be turned off until the next guest arrives.


This measure allows us to improve our energetic efficiency and is perfect for those forgetful guests!

Energy adapted to every need

Besides the energy save, we think the energy optimization is essential. For this reason, in our eco hostel in Barcelona we use the system Smartwatts, which allows us to control, in real time and online, the consumption of all the electric fonts of our hostel. This helps us to manage each system depending on it use, the moment of the day it is, and the amount of people who are in the hostel.

Separate collection and recycling of containers

As a green hostel, in Twentytú we follow the ABC of every good recycler: separate collection and recycling of containers! In every floor, in the kitchen and in our café, we’ve different containers for paper, plastic, glass and organic waste. Obviously, all our guests are welcome to collaborate in this initiative, and during your stay, you’ll be asked to recycle.



In addition, we’re pro recycling objects, like the tables, chairs and shelves of our terrace, which were made of recycled pallets by L’ Estoc.

Help for those who need it the most

Sporadically, we organize or participate in solidary events and support initiatives with innovating ideas, like the MID Talent celebrated last year in our hostel. During these events we usually bring catering and the remaining food is donated to the nearby church Sant Martí del Clot. They make these aliments arrive to the neighbors who need it.

And it’s not only because we say it…

Besides all the green actions we carry out, we can proudly say that we’ve several prizes and certifications which verify our sustainable spirit like, for example:

  • We were the first hostel in the world which obtained the Biospehere certification. This certification guarantees the implementation of a responsible tourism system.
  • We are the first accommodation building in Barcelona which obtained the maximum grade in energy efficiency.
  • Also, we obtained the ISO 5001 certification, given by AENOR, which guarantees the efficiency in energy management.

If you want to know all our certifications, check the Eco-Albergue section of our web.

And if you want your trip to be more sustainable, don’t miss our ecofriendly route in Barcelona.