This year, the Llum Bcn festival will illuminate all the streets of Poblenou and other spots of Barcelona with its big variety of activities and shows, as part of the famous Santa Eulàlia’s festivities. As we want you to enjoy it to the fullest, we’ve prepared a list with all the essential things you need to see and do from the 16th to 18th of February. Get ready to enjoy the flashes!

Spaces full of light

During the three nights of the festival you can discover many interesting projects like spaces, projections and shows specifically designed to make the most of the potential of light and color.

You will find different options for the entire family, located mainly in Sancho de Ávila, Roc Boronat and Pujades streets. Choose your route and do not miss any corner or patio, all of them will surprise you! Keep your eyes open!

Shows and performances

Large quantity of shows and performances will be represented in several ways: audiovisuals, interactive spaces, programming and performing arts. If you can’t make up your mind, we recommend you to decide among one of these:

Hexx: a light tunnel which reacts to sound. Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes.

Follow the Path: animations projected on water. Pond of the DHUB Barcelona.

Escletxa Proxèmica: light walls on the sides of an escalator. Hall of the DHUB Barcelona.

Float … two: poetic show at heights. Glories mall

Hipnocity: facade illuminated with messages to raise awareness about the information barrage we’re living at the present times. CNMC building.

Bouquet d’abat-jours: gooseneck and other domestic lamps in a giant version. Bolivia Street

Axiom: 3D mapping show that allows, with the help of special glasses, to perceive a three-dimensional effect. Pompeu Fabra University.

L’exèrcit de la llum: light suits synchronized with the dancer’s movements. Tànger street, (between Ciutat de Granada and Roc Boronat).

You can check the whole programme at Llum Bcn Official webpage, where you can also download it in PDF.

Activities for the entire family

If you’re looking for activities for the entire family, Llum Bcn is your plan! During the weekend, different events for all ages, such as immersive projections or 360º experiences, will be organized. Besides, you can play Pix-celona, an app which tests your knowledge about Barcelona. Play with others and discover who knows best!

Open-doors journey

To celebrate the Llum Bcn in Santa Eulàlia’s festivities, many museums and emblematic buildings of the city will have an open-door journey. In many of them, you’ll find interesting activities related to the festival.

Some of them are: Montjuïc Castle, located in the highest part of Barcelona, CCCB (Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona), Antoni Tàpies Foundation and Joan Miró Foundation (dedicated to both artists), Museum of Catalan History… and many more!

In Twentytú we are waiting for you

Our hostel is one of the establishments that will take part in the the Freedamm programme organized by Estrella Damm. Visit our terrace during the 16th-18th and find out all the surprises we’ve prepared for you!