If you want to enjoy a magical day, full of fun and with amazing views of Barcelona, ​​save a spot for the Tibidabo amusement park on your calendar. An emblematic place full of charm that will delight both kids and adults thanks to its classic attractions and the latest new features with virtual reality. Come with us and take a walk around the magic mountain!

In west Barcelona and a little over 500 metres above sea level stands the Tibidabo mountain. A place where to enjoy the best views of Barcelona and on which stands one of the most charming amusement parks in the world.

If we look back, it was not until the first decade of the 20th century that the area began to be urbanized with the construction of a tramway and a funicular, terraces, buildings and a few small leisure distractions, such as bowling, swings, telescopes and binoculars or some automatons.

That’s how the oldest amusement park in Spain was born, the third oldest in Europe and one of the oldest in the world. Tibidabo is so full of charm that even the selfsame Walt Disney confessed that it was one of the «most magical» places he had ever been to, and such was his fascination that years later he confessed that he was part of the inspiration for his theme parks.


A place for the nostalgic

Although Tibidabo amusement park has been renewed over the years, it hasn’t given up its romantic and classic character. Therefore, it still preserves many of their original attractions; a carrousel of a fairy tale, a mirrors maze where to get lost or the original 1915 air railroad which offers a secret surprise at the end, a century ago. In addition, you have about 30 attractions for all ages such as roller coasters, haunted castles, a Ferris wheel, a virtual reality attraction or bumper cars.

And if you are thinking about visiting Tibidabo Amusement Park during Christmas, there are several special activities prepared for the holidays such as the theatrical show of the Pepsicolen company, the 4D projection of «The Little Prince» or the party of grandparents, where grandparents and grandchildren have free admission.

If you want to enjoy other activities during these special holidays with family or friends in our city, check out our Christmas guide in Barcelona.

Solidarity and commitment to the environment

In addition to being one of the most magical places in Barcelona, ​​Tibidabo shares many values ​​with our Twentytú hostel. On the one hand, solidarity, since they offer discounts and advantages for vulnerable collectives, organise solidarity days and also have signed a collaboration agreement with UNICEF.

The park is also committed to the environment: since 2005 they have joined the Barcelona + sostenible program and have the environmental management system certificate.