Since 28th October, the largest exhibition of Game of Thrones made to date is on: 1000 m2 of immersive experience that will satisfy the most loyal fans of the HBO TV show. There you can find audiovisual material, faithfully recreated spaces, objects used by the actors and even an interactive photograph that simulates an ascent of the wall!

In this post you’ll find all about the new Game of Thrones exhibition, a tour around the seven kingdoms that will allow you to immerse yourself into this fantasy world full of power struggles. Hurry up and drop by before the white walkers arrive!


Original elements in an unprecedented collection

Along the tour we can find many elements that all spectators have dreamed of seeing close up. The list is very long but, as we’re sure you’ll have a favourite house or character, we tell you only some of the ones you can see:

Costumes specially created for the exhibition

There is a wide variety of costumes, dresses and armors used by Cersei Lannister, Danaerys, Arya or Jon Snow in different situations.Unfortunately, you won’t be able to try them on, but at leat you’ll get to see the amount of details and ornaments that the dresses of the candidates for the iron throne have.


Distinctive objects of each house

You can see maps, representative figures of each kingdom, dragon eggs or the snake that the Martells send to the capital. Take your smartphone with the battery to the top because you won’t stop taking pictures!


Kings’ weapons, savages and guardians of the night’s watch

With the amount of battles and wars fought in Game of thrones history, it was to be expected that a great variety of weapons would be exhibited: swords, axes, daggers … could you handle them as well as Arya Stark?

Decorations of the 7 kingdoms where you’ll feel like a King or Queen

“Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition” is home to ten iconic sets where you can experience first-hand the key scenes from the original story of George R. R. Martin. The exhibition is part of a world tour that begins in the city of our Twentytú hostel and will travel to other European cities.

Some of the most remarkable decorations are: Winterfell, the home of the Starks; Landing of the King, central seat of the power of the Lannister; Meereen, where Danaerys Targaryen leads numerous troops of immaculate warriors or Castle Black, strategic spot for the wall defense.

And finally, we find the most relevant item of the collection: the Iron Throne Room where the Mad King, Joffrey or Cersei Lannister have dictated their orders throughout the show’s 7 seasons. Take the opportunity and sit on the majestic armchair that you have seen so many times on TV. You’ll get to rule the 7 kingdoms for a while!

Don’t miss it!

Don’t miss one of the best exhibitions of the year! Find out about schedules and prices on its official website.

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