Insolent, extravagant, controversial, irreverent and American, very American. That was Andy Warhol, and so is his exhibition that has come to Barcelona under great anticipation. «The mechanical art», the largest exhibition in Spain dedicated to Warhol to date, gives us the chance to admire his original works after having seen thousands of reproductions. Are you ready? You have time until 31st December!

Campbell’s soup, screenprints of Marilyn Monroe in full colour, Jackie Kennedy portrayed in blue … The universal myth of pop art, Andy Warhol, died 30 years ago but his work is still alive, very alive. Where’s the secret? He created an art that everyone understood, easy to remember and that anyone can recognize as their own. Mechanical art goes over the Warhol’s early years as a designer in New York until his death, when he had already become a guru of modernity and pop art.

Andy warhol exposición Barcelona

The exhibition reaches the CaixaForum in Barcelona, ​​where 352 of his best-known works are filled with pop icons recognizable by everybody in different formats: paintings, photographic material, magazines, records, objects … It’s not a surprise because Warhol was very demanding with himself and came to have a rhythm of frenetic production of painting, photography, sculpture … even dared with the cinema and music!

Arte al alcance de todos

The exhibition, which arrived in our city on 14th  September, reminds us how Warhol’s work aims to «democratise» art through objects, characters and ideas that everybody knows. Surely you don’t have to go far to find thousands of references to his work in your environment; mugs, t-shirts, vinyl, … and reproductions of his works that probably decorate bars and living rooms of your friends, relatives or even your own!

Andy Warhol pop art

In the 1950s, when the prevailing trend was Abstract Expressionism, Warhol broke into a different way of expressing art through the cult of consumer products and celebrities as a brand. In this way, little by little, he formed an extensive work that has been exhibited in the most important museums of the world as the MoMA in New York, the Tate Gallery in London or the Pompidou in Paris, and that now are together in the CaixaForum of Barcelona, only 8 metro stops away from Twentytú.

And remember that if you like art, you can also find art on the streets of Barcelona in murals, graffiti and even a visual poem!

The same essence 34 years later

In 1983 Warhol came to inaugurate an exhibition in Madrid, although many people in Spain hardly knew its work, they let go away by the fame that preceded him and paid 100 pesetas (0.60 euros more or less), which was the cost of the entry ticket. Today, 34 years later, his work is still prevailing and the CaixaForum exhibition becomes a must see for any lover of modern art.

And if you also want to be part of Warhol’s work and be the protagonist of your own work of art, in the exhibition you can take a photo with the same effect as Marilyn and upload it on the CaixaForum Facebook profile. Who knows, maybe in a few years you’ll be on the walls of museums all over the world😉