Don’t miss the experience of geocaching in Barcelona! A treasure hunting game where you use geolocation to find hidden objects in the most unexpected places all over the world and also in Barcelona. In this post you’ll find everything you need to know to enjoy the route and solve all your doubts to become an expert.  Seek the cache!

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use an app and a GPS to locate caches (hidden treasures). This practice offers many advantages: you can do it individually or in group, in urban or natural environments, it’s perfect for all ages, it doesn’t require rare equipment and in most cases it is free!

How do I find a treasure?

The difficulty of finding the cache depends on where it is hidden, its size and whether you need clues to reach it or not. The GPS does not indicate the exact point where it’s located, but rather indicates its position within a radius, so the clue lies in searching from different perspectives and in extraordinary places. To give you an idea of ​​what you are looking for, you usually will find the caches inside cans or sealed plastic containers that protect the contents of the weather. If you find it, congratulations! You can sign the paper that you will find inside, mark your achievement in the application and even, if you find an object inside, you can exchange it for another that you brought with you.


What happens if I don’t find it?

If you don’t find it, no big deal! You can always find another nearby or try it again some other time. It’s important that you don’t forget to indicate it in the app, so that you leave a record in your personal account and, in the event that other users don’t find it, you will alert them of a problem with the cache.

What do I need to start the adventure?

There are some essential elements that you must have during the hunt, and although they don’t guarantee a win, they help a lot!

• A mobile phone, tablet or portable GPS with internet connection that allows you to geolocalise the hiding spots. Also if it has an integrated camera you can even immortalize all the process.

• A Geocaching app, you can find it in the markets of Android or iOS and download it for free.

• A pencil or a pen with which you’ll sign the cache guest book.

• Water and snacks to boost your energy during the walk.

• A small object. This is optional and will depend on the cache you have found, some containers hold badges, plates, small figures, etc. If you want to keep them as souvenir, you must exchange them for another object of equal or greater value.

Treasure hunting Barcelona

Will I find caches in Barcelona?

Geocaching is a fun and didactic activity that allows you to discover every corner of the cities in a totally different way. If you stay in our Twentytú Hostel and you wonder if you will find caches near us, here’s the answer: yes, there are more than 200 treasures hidden throughout Barcelona!

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The adventure begins!