Is there anything better than a spa after a long day of sightseeing Barcelona? Here’s a list of the best spas and wellness treatments to relax and fall deeper in love with our wonderful city. Grab a pen!

Aire Ancient Baths, inspired by Roman baths

A classic in Barcelona since 2008, it’s located in an old meat warehouse at Born’s market which used to host the city’s supply wells. The building was carefully restored, so just visiting it is a great experience itself. Besides, it offers a broad range of treatment and services that will make you feel like a new person: different temperature pools, Hamman inspired steam baths, varied intensity streams and many types of massage including one with salt. Dare to try!

Rufoo Fish Spa, a very special peeling

Did you know there’s a fish species named Garra rufa that can provide a natural exfoliation? This treatment is called ictiotherapy and it consists on plunging your feet in a fish tank where these little “therapists” get rid of dead skin, with the result of perfectly soft feet ready for moisturising. With this special treatment offered by an establishment at the Gothic district and a massage or a pedicure you’ll have a perfect plan.

43 The Spa, a great view in the heights

At the 43rd floor of Hotel Arts, right on the seaside, you can relax while enjoying privileged views over the sea. There are open terraces, hydrotherapy pools, saunas, steam baths and plenty of luxury cosmetics treatments. We’re sure these reasons are more than enough to walk 20 minutes from Twentytú Hostel to this wonderful place. Completely worth it!

Flotarium Barcelona, experiment weightlessness

Floating without effort in a soundproof capsule filled with highly salted water with the ideal temperature and without distractions: this is the closest you’ll ever be of being back in the womb. Flotarium offers a unique environment where you can just let go and enjoy the silence. The experience can be personalised: light on or off and the capsule’s door open or closed, so you don’t have to worry if you feel awkward in closed spaces.

Bali spirit, Balinese magic

Balinese massages are well-known for their mix of influences, coming from Hindi or traditional Chinese medicine amongst others. Also, they offer a special feature: stretching, acupressure or kneading are not only performed with the hands but with elbows, knees or feet too. At Bali Spirit you’ll find quiet spots with exotic decoration where a team of experts will make you feel like heaven… right in Barcelona!

So if you want to treat yourself into relax and calm, stop by one of these wonderful spas and let yourself being taken care of. Don’t forget to keep enjoying the wonders of the city, for instance with a delicious Brunch in Barcelona. Good food and total chill: can you ask for more?