At this time of the year, our neighbourhood, Poblenou, celebrates its popular fest. From 8th to 17th September there are plenty of activities, workshops and events for all ages and interests. We know it might be difficult to plan your schedule with such an extensive programme, so we have picked the essential so that you make the most of Poblenou’s popular Fest.

Whereas you are staying at Twentytú Hostel or if you just want to stop by our beloved neighbourhood, do not miss the festive atmosphere at Poblenou streets and, of course, the beaches!


Poblenou against sexism and supporting cultural diversity

Festa major de Poblenou (Poblenou popular Fest) has put special effort this year in fighting sexist aggressions, by setting an action protocol during the festive days and also an informative stand to promote a safe festivity. They also want to encourage cultural diversity with food and handicraft stands from all over the world, as well as multicultural games for kids.

Popular meals with solidarity purposes

Amongst the great offer of popular meals, we recommend the Bingo jamón (“Ham bingo”), a typical meal at the neighbourhood, which combines the bingo game with iberico tasting. And if you want to give back while having a good time, don’t miss the solidary vermouth, an aperitif which takes place on Saturday 9th at noon. All the benefits will be put aside for social causes.

Art, music and technology: the neighbourhood’s essence

Check the complete programme of Poblenou popular Fest to pick your favourite activities among talks, exhibits, workshops and varied concerts. And don’t miss the chance of taking part in sports and leisure activities for the whole family, such as the spinning top workshop, yoga lessons, table football championship… and many more!


Gegants parade with the well-known 36 parrot

To close the Fest, there will be a Gegants parade (traditionally Catalan giant figures led by one person), with gegants from all over Catalunya. One of them is the famous “36 parrot”, a figure created by Poblenou neighbours to pay tribute to a very popular bird in the district. Back in the 60s this bird used to live at a bar just in front of the final stop of the 36 tramway.

The bird’s whistle mimicked so well the way the railway manager whistled that it caused confusion and traffic chaos. In fact, at some point it all went so crazy that the top manager of Barcelona tramways himself asked the bird’s owner to keep the animal inside the bar. Check out the hat and whistle that this gegant features, both of which are memories of its history.

Now that you know everything that this popular fest can offer, have a look at our post 10 things to do near Twentytú and don’t miss a single spot of our neighbourhood, sometimes called Barcelona’s “Brooklyn”.

Let’s have some fun!