Sants is one of those neighbourhoods of Barcelona that still maintains its popular identity and resists forgetting its centennial heritage. The old industrial district of Barcelona celebrates its festivities from today to the 27th of August, taking over the festivities of Gràcia. 7 days filled with parties, workshops, dances, decorated streets and plus 500 activities that complete the program of one of the most popular neighborhood parties in our city. For more Sants to come, always!

There’s evidence that the Sants festivities are celebrated since the mid-nineteenth century, at which time the neighbourhood was still an independent village called Santa Maria de Sants. However, one of the great attractions of the festivities, contests of decorated streets and squares, didn’t begin until the 1940s, they even had a small break between 1970 and 1984.


Throughout the years it has been tried to preserve the popular traditions and for that reason, still today, many of the most typical proposals are maintained like the giants and big heads called ‘capgrossos’, the exhibition of castellers (human towers), typical food. One of the main themes, ‘correfocs’ that consist of a group of people, usually demons, who parading the streets running, dancing and jumping between fireworks.


The party is on every street

Alcolea, Galileu, Vallespir…and so on, up to 16 streets participate in the Sants festivities competition to be crowned as the best-decorated street. With themes that can go from the cinema, to the animal world or distant cultures. For example, last year there were recreations for all tastes; Star Wars, a town of American Indians or Charlie and the chocolate factory, Oompa Loompas were not missing!

If you want to know the winner of the popular vote for the best-decorated street this year, you should take note that the award ceremony will be held on Saturday 26th at Valladolid Street, midday.

However, the streets not only compete for the best decoration, every year they organize more and more activities. Historical routes around the neighbourhood that will show you how it has become what it’s today, live music and DJ’s every night, workshops of all kinds, dance exhibitions, outdoor cinema and popular foods to recharge batteries; Paella, chocolate, sardines and even an Spanish tortilla contest!You can check all the activities in the program of this year.

Moreover, if you visit Barcelona with your children, you should know that in the festivities there are also many activities for them like drawing contests, children’s workshops such as giant soap bubbles or the fun foam party. Can you think of a better way to get to know the city than from a local’s hand?


Eco-friendly festivities and advocate of social rights

The Sants festivities -as we try to do everyday in our eco-hostel Twentytú– also want to do their bit to the environment. Additional to having a recycling workshop organised by the Barcelona City Council, there is also debates by the hand of Greenpace about the impact of climate change, among other activities, a children’s workshop to build musical instruments with recycled material. Likewise, all the cups provided in establishments for serving drinks will be recyclable to contaminate as little as possible.

Sants festivities also has alternative festivities organised by some of the most popular socially committed entities such as the Independence entity and the Youth entity. Some have their own program full of activities such as a chess tournament, a charity bingo or a night featuring bands from the neighbourhood, among others.

Share your own vision of the festivities with a selfie!

This year, as a novelty, the Association of the Cultural Patrimony Agents of Catalonia (AGePacc) has organised a contest of selfies in collaboration with the Institute of Culture, the Secretariat of Entity and the Commission festivities of Sants. If you are motivated and want to participate, you can share your own vision including the hashtag #BCNSelfie! or #selfiesants in the pictures you upload of the festivities on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

See you in Sants!