The architecture, the good weather and the neighbourhoods with their own character make of Barcelona a city that must be discovered on foot. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, in Twentytú you’ll be in good hands to learn step by step. Start the route!

The streets of Barcelona have so much to tell that the best you can do is let a professional guide showyou around the narrow Gothic district, unveil the best urban art corners or explain everything about the impressive works of the genious Gaudí.

At Twentytú we trust  Tour Me Out for the Barcelona walking tours, ​​a company with more than 15 years of experience in walking tours, so that our guests know the most emblematic places of the city. A totally free activity that will help you learn the history and secrets of Barcelona, ​​especially those that don’t appear on guidebooks and that you can see with your own eyes during the 2-hours tours.

The tours are held every day of the week, are suitable for all ages and, most importantly, their guides know how to teach in a fun way.

History, modernism or street art, up to you!

So that you can make the most of your stay, we propose different routes from which to choose:

Route through the Gothic District

Imagine travelling back in time, back to a medieval time in which the walls, the cobbled streets and the gargoyles surround you. This is the route through the Gothic District, a neighbourhood in which time seems to have stood still and where you can learn many things about places like the Cathedral, the Plaça Reial, the Roman walls, or the Plaça del Rei, among other must-see spots

Gaudí route

Antoni Gaudí left an indelible mark on our city through his constructions and thus he is one of the stars of many Barcelona walking tours. Maybe you already know some of his most popular creations such as the Sagrada Familia or the Güell park, but behind them there is a lot of history and curious anecdotes that the guys of Tour me out will tell you in an entertaining way! Pick a pair of comfortable shoes, open your mind and enjoy the work of a unique artist in the world.

Road Street art

If you also want to discover the most modern and urban art of the city, you’ll love this tour about the most original graffiti in Barcelona. You’ll know the symbolism and the influences of each one of them and you’ll be able to know the urban side of the Barcelona’s art. Keep in mind that this tour is organised only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Are you in for a free walking tour? If you want to sign up for any of the tours, they start every day at 9:45 am in the hall of Twentytú Hostel or, if you prefer, at 16:30 at Plaça Reial. Do you want more ideas to enjoy Barcelona? Check our recommended  plans for Summer nights in Barcelona.