Barcelona is the only stop in Spain of  David Bowie Is, an exhibition dedicated to the life and work of the white duke of music, who passed in January 2016. An explosion of design, fashion, audio-visual resources and a lot of music, which we can enjoy until next 25th September in the Museum of Disseny. We’ve already been there and give you the keys to enjoy it. Let’s dance!

The posthumous exhibition of David Bowie arrives to Barcelona after create a big expectation and, it’s no wonder, the showing has been the most visited of the Albert Museum of London in its 164 years of history. Bowie, his style, his aesthetic, his impossible costumes and his discography full of hymns finally meet in one single place, and fortunately, is only 500 meters away from Twentytú!

According to many of those who have been to the exhibition, the visit resembles what attending one of its shows might have felt like; Lights, Bowie images everywhere and up to 300 objects (albums, costumes, photos, instruments, original manuscripts of songs …) that make the exhibition a unique experience, no matter which is your music style.

A unique exhibition for a unique visionary

The show has been designed by theatre producers, film directors and people from the audiovisual world so that it’s not only a journey through their lives, but also for his creative process, inspiration and future vision.

David Bowie Barcelona único

Bowie was always ahead of his time; Sang a song in a ficticious language before George R. Martin did, launched Internet music before there was iTunes or Spotify, and more than once he explained that his main motivation to get into the world of music was to leave his mark on the society. The exhibition is just another sign that Bowie was a visionary and his ideas are still in force today.

Barcelona, one of the 9 chosen

The organisers of David Bowie Is told that, although it’s hard to believe, before being exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, few museums were interested in the exhibition. Now, before a million and a half visitors worldwide, there are many museums that want to have the duke in their cities.

bowie is in Barcelona

Barcelona has been one of the chosen hosts and Rafael Giménez, co-promoter of the exhibition, explains that thanks to its «renamed artistic sensitivity», in summer it becomes «the European capital thanks to its great music festivals «.

Not only in the Hub

But Bowie won’t only be among the Museum of Disseny walls, but its figure will be recognised in complementary activities that are organised in very different Barcelona places. On the one hand, the «Bowie Talks» are held from 29th May to 26th July, a series of talks, discussions and round tables in which Bowie experts are going to participate, including Kansai Yamamoto, the creator of one of the most iconic costumes of the artist.

In addition, the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra (OBC) organises the concert «Bowie Symphonic», a cello and orchestra cover of the singer’s latest album.

Remember that in Twentytú we are music lovers and this summer we invite you to one of our favourite areas at Twentytú; our terrace, where in addition to live music, you can enjoy amazing views and a lot of activities. We will be waiting for you!