Noodles, slowly cooked broth, sauces and assorted toppings are the essence of the ramen recipe, one of star dishes of recent years in Barcelona. Many restaurants have joined the ramen trend and offer dozens of varieties of this soup that come from the region of Kobe, Japan. Take note of the essential Barcelona ramen places of the city. On your marks, chopsticks in hand … go!

Ramen-ya Hiro: the must

The most famous Ramen in Barcelona, Ramen-ya Hiro, explains that their secret is the love with which they prepare each of their soups. They must do it very well because every day there are queues that last for hours and those who have tasted their ramen say the wait was worth it.

With a very competitive price-quality, Ramen-ya Hiro bets on elaborate dishes and desserts that will make you fall in love. In addition, it has the essential requirement to ensure that a quality ramen: there even have Japanese customers!


Koku kitchen buns/ramen: ramen in company

Don’t go to Koku Kitchen or Koku Ramen if what you’re looking for is privacy because there, as in other restaurants with ramen fever, dozens of fans of this soup fill their shared tables every day. Besides ramen, you’ll find gyozas, edamame, Japanese snacks and even options for gluten intolerant, vegetarians and vegans.

We recommend their homemade lemonade and their different types of sake, ideal to digest everything you are going to eat!

Simpu ramen: the Japanese ramen

Between the mess of Gothic, you can find this unpretentious place that resembles more a Japanese tavern than one of the modern ramen restaurants that are all around the city. A more traditional atmosphere that is completed with pleasant background music and a friendly service.

Tonkotsu Ramen & Asian Street food: the lunch ramen

Tonsoku welcomes you with a careful decoration and some dishes that look so good you’ll feel sorry for eating them. Although the toppings for ramen are not as varied as in other places, it’s offset by the quality of the ingredients. The atmosphere is usually quieter than in other restaurants and it is a very good option to enjoy a delicious lunch menu.

Mutenshori ramen: for Dragon Ball fans

If you are anime fans, you fall in love with the Mutenshori ramen in Barcelona. A simple menu but with some nice surprises like the dish of sweet potato with wasabi and the dragon balls desert! Also, they tattled us that soon they’ll include a special ramen dedicated to the Son Goku manga… Can’t wait to taste it, right?

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