Sant Jordi is coming and Barcelona is ready to receive World Book Day: streets flooded with roses, writers at street level and a legend for the most romantic. A day that, surely, will grow in you a desire to know more about our city. Do you want to discover Barcelona from anywhere around the world? With this books about Barcelona you can do it at your own pace and from the vision of those who knew how to reflect the true history of the city into the pages. Keep reading!

Live Barcelona in first person

For now, everything is going well

Is there a better way to know Barcelona than with the memories of someone who has lived here all his life? Andreu Martín presents us ‘For now, everything is going well’, almost 400 pages that review the Barcelona since 1920, going through the Franco dictatorship and the transition to the present day. The book was written with a simple and close humour that will help you understand how it has become the city that is today.

Nowadays Trending Topics

And if you are looking for a more recent novel that will allow you to capture the essence of Barcelona in 2017, ‘Barcelona’ by Grégoire Polet – French writer who lived for 8 years in the city – is a good beginning. In its pages he speaks about Trending Topics like independence, tourism or class struggle. All of this happens through a history with characters from different origins that reflect the reality at the streets of the city. Essential for those who have a more critical spirit 😉

Rocker Barcelona

Books about Barcelona: Barcelona city

The multifaceted singer Loquillo, which we already talked about in our post ‘Music videos shot in Barcelona’, also wants to give his vision in ‘Barcelona city’, an urban chronicle of rock and troubled times from Franco’s death to colonel Tejero coup of February 23rd, 1981. The rocker explains it this way: «Barcelona is its backdrop: a Barcelona that no longer exists, my Barcelona, ​​of which there are only ashes left …» The eighties melancholy is very present in the writing of the Catalan rocker.

The modernism neighbourhood

Books about barcelona: eixample

What do the Masonic architecture, the Cabala and the Roman topography have in common? All of them are united in the ambitious project of Ildefons Cerdà; l’Eixample. In The Barcelona of Cerdà’, the historian Xavier Hernández discovers all the history that hides behind that construction which is the basis of the most populous district of Spain. Discover the figure of Cerdà, urbanist, jurist, economist and politician, who was the impeller of one of the most representative neighbourhoods of modernism of Barcelona.

24 hours: then and now

Do you want to travel to 1950 Barcelona? In 1951 Luis Romero won the Nadal prize thanks to ‘La Noria’, a totally faithful reflection of the Barcelona of the 50’s thanks to a story that takes place in 24 hours. Last year  a special edition of Romero’s novel was published along with ‘Gira Barcelona’, an updated version through the voice of 12 Catalan writers that explain a full day in the city at different neighbourhoods.

Monuments without queues

Barcelona has a great cultural heritage thanks, especially, to the number of architecture, painting and art genius who decided to settle in the city. Picasso, Dalí or Gaudí are not only in the museums, but you can also get to know them through the pages of the publications of the Dosdearte publishing house. Among their titles there is one dedicated exclusively to modernism, the biography of Antoni Gaudí and even a book on the complete history of F.C.Barcelona!


The best anecdotes to know Barcelona

If you expect to visit Barcelona again and want to do it as an expert in its legends and curiosities, ‘The anecdote book of Barcelona’ is a must. There you will find dozens of unlikely anecdotes that talk about the origin of the city, its neighbourhoods and more curious stories accompanied by some fun illustrations. It’s perfect to explain something about the city to children, a story they will never forget!

Have you already chosen your books about Barcelona for this Sant Jordi? Also, don’t forget our tips to share solidarity in Sant Jordi’s Day that we proposed you in the blog!