The brunch is already a classic in Barcelona. A mix between breakfast and lunch imported from the United States that whet the appetite to anyone. Eggs Benedict, natural smoothies, sweet and salty pancakes, Bloody Mary … do you want to know more?  Keep reading to find out where the best brunch in our town is.

Milk Bar & Bistro

In the spring of 2005 two Irish couples brought to Barcelona one of the first brunch of the city. A simple but safe menu that you can combine with some of the dozens of cocktails that  they, as proper Irish, know how to prepare in its rightful measure. As a curiosity we recommend you try their delicious…noodles burger!

Also, if it gets late, remember that they also organize after works after 6 pm.

Carrot Café

And if you’re looking for a different brunch, your place is Carrot Café right next to Twentytú.  They have unique and very special plates that you’ll only find there and that will make you want to repeat very soon.  As regular costumers we recommend you to taste some of their sandwiches, especially those made with wasabi, curry or squid ink bread. Don’t forget to try its carrot cake… they say it’s the best in town!

Brunch & cake

Although you must be patient to find a table where to taste this brunch, when you see their plates you will know that the wait has been worth it. The most famous Brunch & cake  is in Enric Granados Street but you can also enjoy it next to the beach at Brunch & cake by the sea. Their sweets and their secret recipes are cooked following their slogan: «in grandmothers we trust «.

Can Dende

Ten minutes’ walk from Twentytú you will find this charming place with Brazilian soul – his owner is from Sao Paulo – with high quality products and totally homemade plates. Don’t get surprised to see a dog walking around: he’s Dende, the owner’s pet and the inspiration for the name of the place. Don’t miss their exotic plates and, above all, their star dessert called ‘happy childhood’.

Picnic restaurant

Picnic restaurant is an international brunch next to Ciutadella’s Park led by Jaime from Santiago de Chile and Tara from California. Each season they change the menu to create new and original plates and prepare their famous cocktails, such as Sweet Iced Tea or Pink Lemonade. Remember they only have brunch from Friday to Sunday.


With a lovely décor the Trópico restaurant offers a very assorted menu full of plates so attractive and colorful that you’ll feel sorry for eating them! As they explain, their menu is one around-the-world trip through the flavor of the tropics; Arepas with perico from the Caribbean, pancakes typical from Morocco or a bowl filled with red fruits as they are eaten in the Amazon. Which one do you prefer?

Brunch in the city

And what about a brunch in the middle of a typical Spanish main square? Brunch in the city is an event celebrated in Poble Espanyol (link) during spring Sundays that combines electronic music, shade spaces to relax between dances, activities to enjoy with kids and brunch for all tastes. Don’t forget that when the summer arrives, this event is moved to Joan Brossa gardens.

And although we love to import traditions from all over the world, we must don’t forget our own, so we remind you of the best places to have vermouth in Barcelona.