Now that spring is coming, you may already feel like enjoying the good weather in Barcelona. If you are staying in Twentytú, don’t worry, Glòries is full of outdoor activities; Leisure, culture, sport and a lot of innovation in an area which is always growing. Don’t you know where to begin? Put on some comfortable footwear because we’re starting the route!

BruumRuum! The street lights to your rythm

When the sun goes down in Glòries, Agbar skyscraper is not the only source of light at the area. Every day from 9.30 pm to 11 pm the  BruumRuum project puts color and soundtrack to Joan Antoni Coderch square, a space of more than 3.300m2 that changes forms and lights depending on the ambient noise and the movements of those who pass by. Watch this video to see how it works!

The project has been carried out by artec3 studio and the designer David Torrents, who was also a member of the jury at the first design project of our rooms at Twentytú in collaboration with Design College of Barcelona, BAU

Exhibitions at street level

While Glòries square is still under construction to transform the space into a green area full of services for the citizen, a temporary space has been prepared for pedestrians to cross the square where you will find different pictures and pieces of art in its 80 meters of length. Of course, you’ll have to wait until March 28th, when its first exhibition will be released: » Prats de Molló (a French village): the meridian of memory».

Meanwhile you can visit one of the museums of the area, for example the Barcelona Design Museum just about 5 minutes away from Twentytú Hostel .

Superblock:  a espace for leisure and pedestrians

The first superblock of Barcelona is a space delimited by the streets Badajoz, Pallars, Llacuna and Tànger that has become a pedestrian area where many activities are held. This month its final transformation will start, including new picnic tables, a literary tour, markets and green areas and games.

Outdoor sport

And if you are a fan of the sport, you should know that in the northern part of Glòries square (between Meridiana Avenue and Diagonal Avenue) there is a zone enabled to practice sports of all kinds; A stretching space, table tennis facilities and futtoc (a mix of ping pong and soccer) tables, two volleyball courts, an athletic track and even a giant chess board.

In addition, there is a stall where you can borrow sport equipment. The schedule of this loan service is from 16.00 to 20.30 on weekdays and from 10.00 to 20.30 on weekends.

The new shopping centre of Glòries: art and open spaces

The Glòries shopping centre was one of the first in the city, and although it has undergone several remodelling projects since its opening, it’s now when it totally changes its concept with a design full of transparent glass facades that show the whole store as if they are a showcase, trees, giant sculptures of the Spanish designer Javier Mariscal and better accessibility to the 130 stores. An open space that pretends to be more like a commercial street rather than a conventional shopping centre.

Sustanaible Point of Information

And if you still want to know more about Glòries, we encourage you to pop into the provisional Information Point that is located at the crossroads of Caspe Street, Cartagena Street and Meridiana Avenue. It’s made of materials of easy construction and disassembly to generate the minimum environmental impact in the area. There you also have information about the entire process of Glòries transforming and a space for renting electric bicycles.