Barcelona is a luxury set that has locations of all kinds; Sea, mountain, corners with history, modern buildings and, above all, so much charm. That’s why bands from all over the world choose their streets to record their music videos. Stories of love, of lack of love, of overcoming and of new experiences. Do you want to know them? Hit the play button!

Big Mistake (1997), Natalie Imbruglia

If you watch this music video by Australian Natalie Imbruglia very closely, you will probably recognise some of the spots, as it was filmed nearby Twentytú hostel Barcelona!

The video, which is inspired by one of the scenes on the film Week-end by the French-Swiss director Jean-Luc Godard, Imbruglia is chased by a suitor who has to overcome several obstacles to reach her. You will have to wait until the end of the video to find out if he finally catches her.

My inmortal (2000), Evanescence

Amy Lee, the lead singer of Evanecescence, turns into a ghost that wanders through the gothic streets. The band couldn’t have chosen a better spot because the Felip Neri Square, where much of the video is set, is erected on an old medieval cemetery.

Slow (2003), Kylie Minogue

The Australian Kylie Minogue set her ‘Slow’ music video at one of the most impressive swimming pools in Barcelona, ​​the municipal swimming pool of Montjuic, where 11 years before that the Olympic Games of Barcelona’92 were celebrated. Despite the sunny weather of Barcelona, ​​the shooting had to be postponed twice because of something quite unusual in Barcelona: rain!

Crazy (2010), Shakira

The Colombian Shakira, shortly before moving definitively to Barcelona, ​​brought her madness to the city to shoot the video for the first single from her album ‘Sale el sol’. In it  you can see the singer doing his particular «crazy stuff» in different places of Barcelona, like skating among thousands of fans, even bathing in a public fountain or riding a motorcycle without a helmet (for these last two crazy things she received a fine from the city hall).

New Lands (2011), Justice

The Barcelona production company Canada, with Redbull’s collaboration, paid tribute tothe cinema of the 70’s doing its particular version of the film Rollerball (1975), to put image to the song New Lands of the French duo Justice. A futuristic and action-packed music video that was shot on Horta’s Velodrome under the expectation of a crazy audience. Do you believe that a match like that would fill the Camp Nou like a Barça-Madrid?

Little numbers (2011), Barcelona

In the music video of ‘Little numbers’ the female duo of indie-pop Boy share out good vibes among the people of Barcelona. Children, the elderly, waiters, young students … all of them are caught up in their optimism and dance to the rhythm of this catchy song you possibly know because it appears in several ads.

Bad boys (2015), Inna

To rhythm of Arab music, house singer Inna presents a Barcelona that may well be Los Angeles; Skateparks, beaches, graffiti and many palm trees. It’s not the first time that Inna shoots in Barcelona streets, ​​where she even made an acoustic at the foot of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar with a look and a musical style quite different from what we are used to see from her..

Ain’t Nobody (2016), Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson

The young Emma Thompson chose Barcelona and its imposing skyline with the sea in the background to shoot the video of this collaboration with the German DJ Felix Jaehn. Do you want to enjoy the same views? You only have to go up to the bunkers of Carmel, some anti-aircraft batteries of the Civil War that are just one of the viewpoints over Barcelona.

Young you (2016), Kakkmaddafakka

The Norwegian rock band of impossible spelling also chose Barcelona to shoot a song that speaks about those loves that show up at the most inopportune moment. While the lead singer of the band tries to comfort the girl he just left, we can see several places of the city that you surely recognize as Colón Square, Mapfre towers or a beautiful sunset from Barceloneta Beach.

El final de los días  (2016), Loquillo

And we finished this review with a local artist, rocker Loquillo, who also chose Barcelona to shoot a video / short  based on a love story between two girls in the 80’s, a time when same-sex relationships were still a taboo. As a curiosity you must know that the young man who appears in the video is Loquillo’s son, who plays the role of his father 30 years ago. Will there be a happy ending?

Do you know music videos shot in your city? We would love to hear about it!