Glòries Square, just over 500 metres from Twentytú, has always been a link between some of the most important avenues in Barcelona and also serves as a border of two large districts; l’Eixample and Sant Martí. Until now, however, it had been a gray space focused on facilitating car circulation, a vision very far from what the architect Ildefons Cerdà had envisioned, as heBarcelona to be a city of parks and gardens. Now Glòries is renewed and bets on a large green space, an important public transport station and different facilities for pedestrians. Do you want to discover more about this great project? From our nearby location we give you all the details!

A large green area which respects historical elements

The main idea of the project is to turn what until now had been a cement-built area and a multitude of lanes in different directions into a large green area full of pines, holm oaks and hackberry, without any interruption of traffic. A park of about 12 hectares that will recover some of the historical spaces of the area as the hydraulic structure Rec Comtal, which will become a wet garden; the ship of Cartagena Street, which will have different uses; or the old Factory of Umbrellas, which could be reused for constructing a Centre of Fashion Professional Training.

Better connections

In addition, the new Glòries wants to be a reference of the good public transport connections at the city. With several accesses from different points of the square, an interchange of tram, metro and bus will be built. The tramway line of this section is expected to join with the lines that finish their route in Francesc Macià Square. This latest initiative will allow metropolitan cities such as Esplugues, Cornellà or Sant Feliu to have direct transport to the 22 @ district and all its services.

Thinking of people

The Glòries project doesn’t want to be just a reference of modernity and infrastructures, but has as main objective to improve the quality of life of the neighbours and visitors of one of the fastest-growing zones at the city.

The project also includes a a building of 1012 flats, of which 50% will be social housing. In addition, the plan features a Primary Care Center, a nursery and a residence and/or flats for the elderly.

On the other hand, as we already do in Twentytú, Glòries will bet on spaces that are sustainable and respectful of the environment; the circulation of cars will be redistributed – they will run through tunnels under the green area thanks to the burial of Gran Vía Avenue- and new bicycle lanes will be established to ease the coexistence of pedestrians, cars and cyclists.

Although some of the new features are partially finished, such as some new residential buildings or a space for cultural activities, the construction of the part and the rest of the equipment is not expected to begin until 2018.

We leave you a spectacular video that explains the winning project for the new park called Canòpia Urbana, which will turn Glòries into a new unprecedented area of leisure and services.