In Twentytú, in addition to working on sustainability of the planet – we are the first hostel to receive Biosphere certification – we try to support all those projects that aim to improve the world we live in. That’s why, in November, we do our bit to collaborate with the City to City Barcelona FAD Award, awards that reward the best solutions to complex urban situations. In this case, Twentytú is hosting one of this year’s award winners Lampedusa Hamburg FC, a football team formed by young refugees who will receive the honourable mention in the ninth edition of the awards ceremony.

Lampedusa Hamburg FC is an example of overcoming and perseverance. This project is intended to raise awareness of the situation of refugees around the world, but especially in Europe, with the aim of demanding a more efficient political management. For this reason, we wanted to facilitate their visit and try that the team, as in Hamburg, feel at home in Twentytú. Their stay in the hostel will last for 4 days (from 26th to 30th November) for the 11 members of the team and their 3 trainers, and they will be provided with bed and breakfast in the hostel.

City to city Barcelona Lampedusa Hamburg FCImage by courtesy of Barcelona FC

Young people from 16 years old and from different nationalities arrived to Hamburg (Germany) -where they live at the moment- in the winter of 2012/2013 from the Italian island of Lampedusa, which serves as an entrance to Europe for many people that run away from wars of countries in conflict such as Syria or Libya.

The FC Lampedusa Hamburg’s diary in Barcelona

The club doesn’t only come to collect its prize but also, taking advantage of his stay in Barcelona, have they organized a series of events? to spread thwie project. They started yesterday (27th November) at the Joan Gamper Sportcity in Sant Joan Despí, where they played a friendly match with the Barcelona Youth Team , Penya Blaugrana Vallirana, which ended with the victory of the local team by 10 to 0. Yesterday they were sitting on  a roundtable called «Football as an instrument of welcome and integration», where social educators, pedagogues and the general public participated, in addition to the 3 coaches that accompany the team.

Fad Awards Lampedusa Hamburg playingImage by courtesy of Barcelona FC

Finally, today the awards ceremony of the City to City Barcelona FAD Awards is taking place in the Saló de Cent of the Barcelona City Council, where the whole team will be there to pick up the mention in an act that will be presided over by the mayor of the city, Ada Colau.

We just have to wish all the luck in the world to this initiative so that they can export their idea to other football clubs and to the sport in general, where there is no difference between refugees, immigrants or locals, but only between players of one team or the other.