The most famous tapa of Barcelona is ‘bombas’ (bombs), a delicious combination of potatoes, meat and sauce prepared in many bars in the neighborhood of Barceloneta following the original recipe for over 60 years. Whet your appetite? Today we go for tapas in the bars where they do the best ‘bombas’ in town!

La Cova Fumada

If you want to discover the real ‘bomba’ of Barcelona, ​​the Cova Fumada is your place. More than 60 years ago Maria Pla, the grandmother of the family, created this ‘tapa’, which a costumer named ‘bomba’ for its spiciness.

It is a place where it seems that time has stopped, not only for its decoration which has barely changed since it opened, but also for the 100% homemade tapas and for the friendly service. They don’t accept reservations and it is always very busy, but a visit is worth.

La Bombeta
Bombeta - TwentyTú

It is the second bar that started to make ‘bombas’ after Cova Fumada, but here they call them ‘bombetas’, like the name of the restaurant. Although prices are somewhat higher than in other bars in the area, the long queues every weekend are not a coincidence.

Can Ramonet

Bomba Cal Ramonet - TwetnyTú

Although it has been recently refurbished, Can Ramonet continues to maintain its quality and menu, which includes its crispy ‘bomba’ with a touch of black pepper. The portions are individual and a bit more expensive than usual, but they keep the genuine flavor of seafood dishes.

Can Ramonet became too small and nowadays they also have Nou Ramonet (New Ramonet), a place with a more relax atmosphere and with less tourists. We recommend you not to miss the famous lobster rice.

La Peninsular

This small winery of Barceloneta has modernized the ‘bomba’ making small changes to the recipe. That’s why we can talk about gourmet ‘bomba’ that also have some extra ingredients like chorizo, black sausage or ham.

A retro environment from the 50s full of personality that you can visit if you want to try a different ‘bomba’ from the traditional ones. Do not forget to ask for the suggestions of the day!


This restaurant located in Born stands out as a new space with a cool decoration but it doesn’t mean that they don’t do the traditional ‘bomba’. The terrace in Baceloneta Square is a small oasis of peace amidst the bustling neighborhood where you will also find an extensive menu with eggs parmentier and, of course, the ‘bombas’!

Do you dare to try Barcelona’s ‘bomba’? An explosion of taste in your mouth that you can find at only two subway stops from Twentytú Hostel Barcelona!