If you want to live a horrifying Halloween in Barcelona this year, here it is our guide to discover the most scary urban legends that happened in different city locations and that had as main characters vampires, a ghost train and the bed of a hostel.

Enriqueta, the vampire of Raval

Vampira del Raval - Twentytu

According to publications of the century Enriqueta Martí was one of the cruelest serial killer of the black history of Barcelona. She was nanny who became a prostitute and began to offer her healer services. For her remedies, it is said that she used human remains of dozens of children that she killed before.

She was arrested in her apartment at the number 29 of Poniente Street (currently named Joaquin Costa), thanks to a tip-off from a neighbor and finally, before the trial, it is said that she was lynched in prison by other prisoners.

The ghost train of Sagrada Familia

Next to Sagrada Familia line 5 metro stop there is an abandoned station called Gaudí, a project that never ended due to shortage of money. Since then it is said that if by passing Sagrada Familia stop you look through the window you will see faceless passengers waiting for the train, shadows and if you are lucky, the shining white train, as the one that should have been there.

The killer bed of Flor de Lliri Street

In the 17th century there was in Barcelona a guesthouse located in Flor de Lliri Street, where it is said that guests who according to the owner they could have money were murdered. These travelers were given a room with a bed through a bent that doubled up and killed them. The legend says that their bodies were served later for the other guests at the restaurant.

Felip Neri, the square of walking dead

Plaça Felip Neri - Twentytu

Felip Neri is an oasis of peace amid the ‘barrio gótico’ of Barcelona that was built on the old medieval cemetery of the Montjuic Bishop. It is said that one night a wealthy young man went out from a whorehouse with a friend, took a skull and said that something would have done to be like that. The same night he heard three knocks on his door and when he looked out the window he saw a skeleton with a skull under his arm and he died straight after. Furthermore, if you look to the walls of the church of the square you will see the marks of the bomb dropped on January 30 1938 during the Spanish civil war which killed 42 people, most of them children.

The girl of the curved road
Arrabassada - Twentytu

Also known as the «ghost hitchhiker» is a classic urban legend. A girl dressed in white is making hitchhiking in the curved road of Arrabassada in Barcelona – seems that the story also happened in other curve roads along the country – and warns the driver about the danger of that area. Then, the girl disappears from the back seat of the vehicle and when the driver returns to the point where he picked her before he is told that the woman died some years ago in a car accident at the same point. This is a legend circulating for a long time: for decades it was said that the girl in the corner kept the riders to go up to the horses’ carriage and now the version has been modernized.

Are you ready to walk through the corners that hide the scariest black story of Barcelona? Happy Halloween to everyone!