Barcelona has been the scene of great stories, and although many are real, hundreds of them happen in the minds of writers who have chosen Barcelona to set their novels. Postwar experiences, family dramas, medieval stories or police investigations taking place in the streets of Barcelona. Do you want to find out more about it?

Today we move between the pages of these novels to know a little more about the literary Barcelona

The Shadow of the Wind

The shadow of the wind Twentytu hostel

One of the stories to best discover the most enigmatic corners of Barcelona. Felip Neri Square, Santa Ana Street, Arc del Teatre or the «Quatre Gats» restaurant are just some of the settings where Daniel Sempere tries to discover the story of Julian Carax, the author of «The Shadow of the Wind».

If you want to follow the footsteps of Sempere, you can join any of the routes that are organized to visit the most emblematic places where the novel is set.

Cathedral of the Sea

It’s been 10 years since Ildefonso Falcones publish this global bestseller that has celebrated its 10h anniversary with the publication of the second part of the novel and that soon will be released on the small screen with the most ambitious Spanish TV series in recent years.

The story, which is located in Barcelona in the fourteenth century, explains the construction of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar in the Born, and the changes of the city over the years through the eyes of young Arnau Estanyol.

The time of the doves

The time of the doves Hostel TwentytuTwentytu

Natalia, also known as «Colometa”, is the visible face of this novel that portrays a postwar Barcelona where many women are resigned to the life that has been assigned for them. A story full of contradictory feelings that begins in the Plaça del Diamant, a square in Gràcia district that today pays tribute to the novel with a statue dedicated to its main character. Translated into over 30 languages, it ​​is considered to be the most important work of Rodoreda and one of the most representative novels of the Catalan literature.

Inspector Salgado Trilogy

Toni Hill Twentytu Hostel

We move nowto the XXI century to enter fully in the trilogy of Toni Hill crime novels made of three works; “The summer of the dead toys”,” The Good Suicides” and “The Hiroshima Lovers”. The main character of all this stories is inspector Salgado, an Argentine who lives in Barcelona trying to solve different criminal cases that happen in the city. Some of the places mentioned in this novel are the Barcelona metro, airport or city squares during 15M social protests in 2011.

The City of Marvels

Ciutadella Park Twentytu Hostel

Eduardo Mendoza’s novel tells the story of Barcelona’s evolution between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, when he city hosted two events which modernized city; the Universal Exhibition of 1888 in the Ciutadella and the International Exhibition of 1929. The Moll de la Fusta, the Eixample district or the three smokestacks of Poble Sec are other settings for the story of Onofre Bouvila, the main character.

These are just some of the stories that happen in the literary Barcelona, but not all of them.  Have you read any novel set in Barcelona or any other city? We’d love to hear about it!