Pokémon Go also lives in Barcelona streets, ​​where Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle await you in many corners of the city. If you want to discover all about the local Pokémon keep reading.

More than a week ago the phenomenon of augmented reality arrived to Spain, although the most anxious had the game even some days before. Barcelona was beginning to flood small pocket monsters that have revolutionized people of all ages. Now Pokefans daily meet at many spots around the city to hunt those Pokémon which they have not caught yet, why not, share tips and tricks to get more and more creatures.

In addition, it seems that Pokémon have adapted very well to the Barcelona environment, and you can find Pokémon adapted to water, such as Tentacool octopus or rock Onix near the Port Olímpic, and to the ground as Pidgeot, something similar to a dove who is having a bad day, and it lives in several city parks.

Gyms and PokeStops

If you’re a Pokefan you must know that you can only find PokeStops when you go out to hunt. However, more advanced users explain that Ingress -the first game of the creators of Pokémon Go- has locations that match most of the time with Pokémon Go stops.

Anyway, we can assure you where there are the most important gyms in Barcelona where you can train your Pokémon. Specifically, you have to get close to places as emblematic as Sagrada Família, Arc de Triomf FC Barcelona Miniestadi and Agbar Tower, very near to Twentytú Hostel.



The favourite places to hunt Pokémon in Barcelona

Although Pokémon can be found anywhere in Barcelona, the favourite places by hunters and Pokémon experts are located in the largest parks, especially at Ciutadella Park, and the beaches around Barcelona’s coastline.

The city center is another preferred place by these little monsters to hide. Gothic, Ramblas and Via Laietana are just a few examples.

The madness Pokémon lands even in the City Council

A few days ago the authorities announced that they had to stop two Japanese tourists from chasing Pokémon inside Rovira tunnel, a place not enabled for pedestrians. In addition, a German tourist climbed on Monday the façade of Ars Hotel, one of the tallest buildings in Barcelona, ​​to record a video while he was searching Pokémon until the police asked him to quit his adventure.

Now fanaticism also comes to politics. Last Friday an Eeve, something like a kind of fox, appeared and revolutionized the city council, as the deputies started tweeting about the intruder. Even a deputy of Partido Popular compared the Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, to Team Rocket, a criminal gang from the popular animated series.

Barcelona, ​​a pioneer in augmented reality

Although Pokémon Go has been a revolution, it’s not the first augmented reality game that exists. The Barcelona studio Novarama pioneered with the creation of a game called Invizimals in 2014 for Play Station that, although with less success, was a hit worldwide.

Now that you know everything about Pokémon hunting in Barcelona we can only say good luck in your search and… Gotta catch ‘em all!