Today we dig into one of the most bohemian neighbourhoods of Barcelona to unveil what it is that every day brings thousands of visitors to this unique area of the city. In Born you won’t need any streets maps because from the first minute you will want to to get lost across its streets waiting to find which is the next surprise around the corner.

Born is one of those neighbourhoods that have history carved on the streets, but that also dares with the latest trends in more than 500 shops and restaurants. A place that blends art and antiquity equally and that captivates tourists, but also locals, thanks to its many attractions.

But perhaps it’s less known than the Gothic, especially because its location is a bit further from the center of the city, it’s the perfect place if you want to learn about the most cosmopolitan Barcelona and take the chance to immerse, without even realizing, in living history of the city.

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The Born name comes from the word tournament because the area hosted medieval tournaments of the city, popular festivities and processions between the thirteenth and seventeenth century. In addition, many of its streets still retain the name of the trades that were developed centuries ago in its narrow streets; merchants, sailors, artisans and other professionals who came and went around the world to do business in this waterfront.

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Although now it’s part of the most cosmopolitan Barcelona, the Born still retains much of its charm, the same that has attracted many artists and design lovers to establish here their shops, stores or museums. It’s something like the Barcelona’s Montmartre where we can also find dozens of unique tourist attractions.

Some of the must-see spots on Born are the church of Santa Maria del Mar, one of the most spectacular examples of Catalan Gothic, modernist Palau de la Música or Born Centre of Culture and Memory, an archaeological site of the century XVIII which is already ranked as the third most visited tourist attraction in Barcelona. In addition, the neighbourhood has important art centers such as the Museum of Pablo Picasso and Barbier-Mueller Museum, the only museum of pre-Columbian art in Europe.

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But not everything is culture because leisure is another of the strengths of this neighborhood bordering the Mediterranean. Roads candles, illuminated signs and colored flags invite visitors to come to find tiny restaurants with wide gastronomic offer, bars with live music or clubs for all tastes.

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Born is the ideal place to spend a full day without having to leave the same neighbourhood. Open your mind and get ready to experience the most authentic Barcelona throughout the centuries.