If you’re you always show off that you can speak a second language, but in the moment of truth you can’t find the words, language exchange is the best way to practice your conversation in a second language.

Replace grammar books for a drink, dinner or coffee, and choose from the selection that we have prepared of the best places to practice language exchange  ​​in Barcelona:

The Phillarmonic Club: the authentic English pub

Surely it might not be useful to get you a polished English accent, but this bar feels like an authentic British pub. Usually there are people who wants to have fun, so it’s also a good place to make new friends.

Language Exchange is organized every Monday at 8:30 am, but if you  improve your level you can sign up in the Quiz Games by teams that are hosted every Thursday night.

English pub Twentytu young hostel

Monkey Factory: music and languages

When you arrive to this pub near Diagonal Avenue you won’t find a disgusting welcoming… on the contrary: free nachos and shots, and friendly waiters who introduce you to the other participants.  As soon as you get there they deliver you a tag where you have to write your name, your mother tongue and  the language that you want to practice to facilitate the language exchange.

This linguistic activity takes place every Tuesday at 8:30 am. We also recommend their live concerts on Thursday night.

Billiards Bar HDP: close to oriental languages

If you like Oriental languages ​​you should know that it’s  possible to learn Chinese and Japanese in Barcelona and, also, for free! Every Wednesday at 9 pm a group of students and language teachers, called Mundiñol, practice Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and even Catalan in this bar.

Friends language meeting Twentytu

Las empas: attentive to your watch

Kitty is the organizer of the English- Spanish exchange every Thursday between 8 pm and 10 pm that is organized in “Las Empas”, an Argentinian restaurant in the neighborhood of Gracia. Although there are times set for each language, probably, as it night goes by and you drink more Belgian beers, you have more desire to speak your new language.

The Language Exchange Friday

To finish the workweek, we enter  the Estació de França, not too crowded by travelers but a must for anyone who wants to know the most stately Barcelona. In the bar located at the right of the spacious hall every Friday at 8 pm a group meets to practice their speaking. If the night goes well and you want to continue the party, you can keep on learning in a nightclub or pub in the area, certainly at that time you will have lost your embarrassment.

Language exchange twentytu hostel

Babellia Books & Coffee: books for everybody

The café-bookstore Babelia has clients of all nationalities thanks to its extensive multilingual library and, therefore, it’s not unusual to find a native seeking people to exchange languages on its board ads. Post your ad or search on of your interest and start practicing a new language! In this case, there is no place or fixed schedule so you are the only ones who have to agree on the appointment.