Barcelona once again becomes the capital of the design from 2 to 12 June at the hands of the BCD (Barcelona Centre de Disseny), the Centre for the promotion and revitalization of design founded over 40 years ago. For the eleventh year Barcelona Design Week will be the meeting point for professional designers, entrepreneurs and design lovers who wants to attend.

More than 70 activities distributed over eleven days and open to the city with workshops, talks, tours and exhibitions, where, in addition to soak up ideas, you can do networking with people and companies from all over the world.

Design is the future: learn about future trends

One of the highlights of this year is the second edition of the Design is the future. For three days it will be a debate of design innovation, as an expression of what awaits us in the near future. 15 national and international speakers will make workshops, talks and presentations about projects that are succeeding in the world, never-seen ideas and experimental design. If you want to know how the design will change the future of society, note down in your agenda June 6th, 7th and 8th.

In addition, remember that the Barcelona Design Week assesses all aspects of the design and applies them to everyday things of life. Along these lines stands out the Design in Tech Report 2016, where will be explained the increasingly close relationship between design, technology and business, and the Design4food; an open debate about the role of design in the field of nutrition, taking advantage of the haute cuisine trend.

Work Design Week: network design cities

This year’s novelty is the Work Design Week, a network of nine cities that will join Barcelona to promote the work and collaboration of designers. The selected cities are New York, San Francisco, Melbourne, Mexico City, Helsinki, Eindhoven, Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul, places that also have their own Design Week.

A sample of the beginning of this cooperation is the presence of a fortnight of Catalan brands in the New York Design Week and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair last week. The latter is a very important event at international level where they tend to go 30,000 people each year.
hub diseño barcelona Twentytu

Opening party

The Barcelona Design Week opens next Thursday June 2nd at Design Hub Barcelona, ​​ the design museum in the city which is located very close to Twentytú Hostel Barcelona, where you will be received by a DJ, a cold beer and a variety of Foodtrucks to tempt the palate. In addition, the Design Week opens its doors with the exhibition «Interfaces», a commemorative exhibition of Simon, an electronics’ company which was founded over 100 years ago in a small family workshop in Olot.

Don’t forget that Twentytú Hostel  bet on the young and innovative talent of BAU University Center of Design in Barcelona, with whom we often collaborate with several contests and initiatives to strengthen the design in our city.