A few steps from Twentytú Hostel you can find the Encants market, a space full of life and with over 700 years of history, where you can buy anything you look for; new and old items, second-hand clothes or unique relics  just besides the new remodeled Plaça de las Glòries.

The Encants market, also called Fira de Bellcaire, is a market that has its origins in the thirteenth century, when two medieval markets located in different sites of the city  where unified. Since 1200, the date of the first mentions about the Encants, the commercial spot has changed its location until in 2013 moved permanently to its current location, an area of ​​over 15,000 square metres between Caspe and Castillejos streets.

The name of the Encants has its origins in the Middle Ages when it hosted public auctions which in Latin is called «En Quantum», expression that derives in the name “Encants”. At that time, these auctions were used mainly to sell the assets of the deceased in order to pay their possible debts and leave the remaining money to his family.

Encants from XIII century - Albergue Twentytu

Buy, sale and auction

The Encants market is one of the oldest in Europe and also one of the busiest. Every week it is visited by 100,000 people around the world who seek, bargain and, often, find the best prices on books, furniture, clothing, antiques and any object you may be looking for. 500 traders open their stalls to offer from handicrafts to CDs, but also secondhand clothes or the latest technology. The movement of the Encants rests some days of the week, so remember it is open only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 am to 8 pm.

In addition, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7 am to 9 am it is time for action; Encants auction. A place where only the highest bidder will be the winner if you play your cards right; stocks of different shops, empty rooms and even flats. Even if auctioning is not your forte, you can visit this unique spectacle because it’s the only market in Europe where to practice this kind of sale.

Encants Hostel Twentytu

The new Encants

With the last renovation in 2013, the new Encants offers a wide range of restaurants, parking for 300 vehicles, and even fitting rooms. In this way the Encants maintains its spirit of a traditional market with all the comforts of a modern shopping center. A spectacular deck of 24 meters in height, formed by mirrors, reflects the unstoppable market activity and also protects visitors in rainy days.

New Encants Hostel Twentytu

We recommend you get up early if you want to get the best bargains and to not give up if you don’t find what you were looking for at the first attempt. Ask merchants of the stalls because we assure you that somewhere in the Encants you’ll find what you’re looking for.