Sant Jordi is one of the most celebrated festivities in Barcelona; culture, tradition and romanticism. It all started with a legend where a courageous prince kills a dragon and its blood becomes a rose that the prince gives to his beloved princess. Because of this beautiful legend, every April 23rd Catalans give roses and books to their relatives, friends and couples. Unfortunately, not everyone has resources to enjoy the book’s day, for this reason doesn’t lack solidarity initiatives to help the least favoured. If you be part of this don’t miss our post.

Fundación Ires: Save the dragon

Fundación Ires gives the dragon an opportunity to explain its version of the legend in a rose-tale because they think that everybody deserves a second chance . Earnings will go to the initiative “Fils Project: invisible childhood” that helps children and families who face violence situations.
If you want to help them save the dragon, you can go to Passeig de Gràcia, 6, and offer yourself as a volunteer to help selling roses. Remember that Twentytú collaborates with the organization and on Sant Jordi’s day we will give a rose to all girls and ladies staying at Twentytú guests Don’t forget yours!

Fundació Comtal: A rose is an opportunity

Fundació Comtal, a nonprofit organization, transforms Sant Jordi roses in opportunities for the underprivileged: all profits earned with flowers sales will be going to its users: children, people at risk of social exclusion, immigrants… The roses will be submitted with an explanation of this campaign and a bookmark made by the Fundation’s children with great enthusiasm.
If you want contribute to this initiative you can make your order in advance at or at their stand that will be opposite Mercat de Santa Caterina, near La Catedral. Also, you can work as volunteer the Sant Jordi’s day and experience this special day first-hand.

Sant Jordi Solidario Hostel Twentytú

Danone and 8tv (Catalan Television): this Sant Jordi no children without a book

The campaign goal is that all the boys and girls can smile at Sant Jordi’s Day. To that end, the private Catalan television (8TV) and Danone (a nutritioncompany) collect new books for kids and you can help them.. If you bring a new book or one in good condition to Danone restaurant in Diagonal Avenue, they offer you a free yogurt or a frozen yogurt with the topping that you choose.

Amics de la gent gran: roses against oblivion

Since 1998 partners and volunteers bring a rose to the elderly that live alone. More than 150.000 senior citizens suffer loneliness in Catalonia in a society that too often has no time for them. For this reason, Amics de la gent gran organize the delivery of roses on Sant Jordi’s Day for these people that spend most of their time on their own.
You can make your own contribution to this campaign in many ways: as a volunteer, buying a solidarity rose that is used to finance the organization or doing your economic contribution for activities of the elderly. Anyway, you offer company for those who need it most.

Sant Jordi Ramblas

Codespa: from books exchange to cooperative projects

Codespa is a NGO that fights against the poverty in the world and 5 years ago they collect books to finance its cooperative projects in Latin America, Asia and Africa. You can donate all kind of new or second-hand books that will be sold at their stand on Rambla Catalunya.
The benefits will be going to vulnerable groups in different countries: single mothers, children and young people from underdeveloped areas, farmers of rural areas…You can donate a book that will be transformed into resources for those who have less.

You can contribute to solidarity at Sant Jordi’s Day and help many with a small gesture. Become an ambassador of these iniatives and tell your friends and family.

¡Happy Sant Jordi to everybody!