If you want to test your logic and wit , the escape rooms are your game. Discover your private investigator abilities while you get out of a room in less than an hour. A new and funny leisure way that you can enjoy with your friends or family in Barcelona, as there are more than 15 places dedicated to that in the city.

¿Are you ready to escape?

Juego Enigma Room Escape: feel like an special agent

We start the review with one of the most difficult escape rooms in our city, where leaving the room is not going to be easy. In that game you put yourself in the shoes of a secret agent and have to resolve the mystery working with your team. If you want a special “late minute offer” in that room escape you can leave your email in its booking website and they notify you when they are available with discount.

How to get there: Maragall (Line 4 and Line 5)

Chicken Banana: Mafia or a human experiment?

In this escape room you can capture the lord’s mafia Félix Manchunga or try to run away from a mental hospital where evil Doctor Steinberg wants to experiment with you. Immerse in the history and solve the mystery in only an hour. It’s advisable to be a group of 3 to 6 persons.

How to get there: Poble Sec (Line 3)

Rommin Escape: Exercise your brain

Highly recommended to curious people who like to be the film’s main character. As they explain, the one muscle that you exercise is your brain, so we recommend to have some coffee before in order to be fully awake. The action happens in a mysterious house of Gràcia neighbourhood, where you should be able to resolve different enigmas to get out of it.

How to get there: Fontana (Line 3)

Keys escape room

Cronologic: go back to the eighties

Near Twentytú hostel is Cronologic, one of the first escape rooms in our city, concretely the second open in Barcelona. In that adventure you go back to the eighties to resolve an enigmatic riddle. The best advice of its owners  is to stay calm and listen to any comment from the team because that can be the key to unlock the door to the present.

How to get there: Clot (Line 1 and Line 2) or 20 minutes walk from Twentytú

Picadero Room Motel: wink all night

Picadero Room Motel attempts to be so real that on its website they offer their hotel rooms to visitors as a real hotel that is- as they explain- “one of the best options for not sleeping a wink all night”. Each game lasts 90 minutes and it can have 2 to 6 players. Also, if you’re fast enough you will go into the top 20 ranking of that escape room.

How to get there: Joanic (Line 4)

Proyecto Target: 160 meters to escape

“Barcelona hides the greatest secret of the humanity”. Based in this promising premise, Proyecto target presents its escape room. A 60 minutes countdown where you have to forget that it’s just a game and who you are in real live. A 160 meters space to find clues, solve puzzles and test your intelligence with only a goal: to leave the room as soon as possible.

How to get there: Plaça Espanya (Line 1)Door escape room

Room of riddles: starts the coundown

This escape room started in Amsterdam and shortly after two rooms more were opened in Antwerp and Barcelona. In this case, you can live two different adventures; you can try to be chosen the harbour master of Barcelona or you can find the final will of Fabiolo, a successful art trader. You only have an hour to get the code to escape.

How to get there: Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica (Line 4)