From last Monday Barcelona becomes the mobile capital thanks to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016, one of the most important tech events around the world. As every year, the Congress gathers the best mobile brands and the greatest technological breakthroughs that soon will be on the market. This year the stars at MWC are the graphene, the material of the mobiles of the future, Samsung S7, Acer Liquid Z630 and LG G5, the first device with interchangeable modules.

The L9 just in time


This year the MWC is more accessible than ever, as the new line 9 of Barcelona Metro arrives to the fairground, specifically at Europa Fira station just next to the congress. The south of  the line, called L9 South, arrives to the airport and to the Congress and  was inaugurated only two weeks ago, the 12th February.

The recently opened line 9 connects both airport terminals, the exhibition sites and, also, industrial zones with Barcelona’s centre.  The trains are driverless and work with an automatic smart system that’s checked by the control center in real time. All 15 stops have lifts and mechanical stairs and the journey from the airport to MWC only takes 22 minutes.

The longest line in Europe

The line has another section called L9 North –launched in December 2009- that will be connected with the South section in the future. Then it will become the longest automatic metro line in Europe and one of the most modern railways  in the world.

Nearly 30 million passengers per year are expected to use this new line, and among them are the 100.000 visitors of the tech Congress.

The startups of the future

The 4YFN (4 Years From Now) is the youngest space at the MWC where you can find innovative solutions that in the future may become international business. In this edition there are many interesting ideas to improve our lives. For example you can find a smart bulb that learns from your behaviour and turns on and off by itself, an app for interacting with your laptop through your vision or Badi, the app that is known as the flatmates’ Tinder, an application where you can find to find the perfect person to share a flat with, with whom you have similar hobbies, preferences, etc.