From the top of Barcelona, La Vila de Gràcia is one of the most charming and genuine places of the city. Birthplace of personalities as the philologist and engineer Pompeu Fabra or the flamenco singer el Pescaílla, this neighborhood with soul of city is one of the unforgettable places that you don’t want to miss if you’re visiting Barcelona.

The neighborhood has been a part of Barcelona since 1897 and has been an important addition to its local culture. Its bohemian charm has turned it into a cool neighborhood and an artists’ refuge, where you can find from little ateliers with the best contemporary art to popular taverns with the best Catalan food. If you want to know what makes the smallest district of the city so special, come with us and discover it.

The squares where you live Gràcia

The squares are the heart of Gràcia, an open space between its alleys and perfect for visitors who want to merge with its population. There are many to choose, it depends on your interests. If you want to enjoy the sun and the beer in a square full of live, your place is Sol square where you can always find bustle and happiness. If you prefer music you can walk to Raspall squar, where the gipsy community of the zone have always met, and if you want to walk across the history, in Diamant square you can visit the bomb shelters of the civil war.

The summer party is in Gràcia

During all summer the most anticipated event is la fiesta Mayor de Gràcia, which takes placebetween the 15th and the 21st August and turns the neighborhood into a festival of light and colour, with streets and squares decorated by the neighbors. Over the week you can enjoy concerts, exhibitions, children’s activities, parades, dance and theatre, among many other things.


But the party doesn’t end at the end of summer, and Gràcia neighborhood has many parties all year long. For example the Sant Medir’s party, known as the sweet party, a pilgrimage from Gràcia to the chapel with the same name as the celebration, where they throw candy for kids and that is celebrated the 3rd of March.

Sonorous territory on LEM


The LEM festival is a little festival of alternative music that has been celebrated ¡for 20 years! From 1996, the nonprofit association Gràcia Territori Sonor organizes this event where more than 1079 artistic projects by more than 200 artists have participated. From the 17th February, they are organized “Meeting in time-space” and the last has been this Thursday ¡be attentive for don’t miss the next!

Despite these great plans that we suggest you, the true heart of Gràcia must be discovered on foot. Walk around the streets, contemplate the corners and feel its lifestyle of this particular place with its own rules.