We are celebrating the HOSCAR Best Green Hostel prize we just won that says we are the best ecological hostel in the world. HOSCARS are given by Hostelworld to the best hostels all around the globe. And now it’s the second time we’ve got this award!

Since we opened Twentytú, back in 2012 we’ve received the HOSCAR’ Green Hostel’ prize two times, meaning we are the best eco-friendly hostel ever.

This prize is one of world’s most prestigious award and this years celebrates its 13th edition. But what really make us feel proud is that this award is based on the valuation that Hostelworld.com guests make every year.


Sustainability is one of our foundations, this is the way we created Twentytú and this is the way we keep working to improve day by day. But we are not alone in this battle, as our CEO Ignasi Uñó tell us “it’s proven that todays costumer is more and more sensitive and enjoys responsable tourism policies. That’s the reason this award is so precious to us

With this new HOSCAR ‘Best Green Hostel’ we keep growing in recognition and making us walk in the same way, the right one. Last year we became the first hostel in the world with a Biosphere certificate, in 2014 we were awarded with the Best Hostel prize in the global Stay Wise’s Prize for Young Tourism. In our land we’ve been granted by Descobrir magazine and Responsible Tourism organization as we are the best start-up in responsable tourism.

Thank all of you for your support in our way to a better Green tourism.